Hardrock MMA 43 – The Three Year Anniversary Show brings some of the best talent in the area to the Paroquet Springs Conference Center in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. Seventeen fights cleared the Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Commission. A capacity crowd is on hand to witness the first event for Hardrock in 2012. Three professional fights and two amateur title fights  highlight this stacked card

Hardrock MMA 43 quick results:

  • John Lakes defeats William Myers, 1:43 Round 1 via Submission (Guillotine)
  • Chad Sermon defeats Brian Kerr, 00:08 Round 1 via Disqualification (Head kick to a downed opponent)
  • Clay Brown defeats Trent Walden, 1:50 Round 3 via Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
  • Cerel Holt defeats James Norris, 1:34 Round 1 via Submission (Keylock)
  • Emilio Vallecillo defeats Bryan Tipton, 1:06 Round 1 via Submission (Strikes)
  • Mark Morris defeats Wes Compton, 1:40 Round 1 via Submission (Armbar)
  • Joe Meyer defeats Jason Williams, 1:48 Round 2 via TKO (strikes)
  • Dusty Stengel defeats Rob Covington,  Unanimous Decision  (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Brandon Hurst defeats Jacob Byrd, 2:31 Round 2 via Submission (Triangle Choke)
  • Billy Smith defeats Derek Otterson, 1:44 Round 1 via Submission (Guillotine)
  • Deon Spalding defeats Michael Gay, 1:05 Round 2 via TKO (Strikes)
  • Jack Podgorski defeats Ron Sanders via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Cody Bruce defeats Lewis Whitt, 1;57 Round 1 via submission (armbar) Interim Middleweight Championship
  • Derik Byrd def. Dusty Gibbs by knockout (punch) Rd 2
  • Chris Biddle def. Jamey Scruggs by unanimous decision
  • Brandon Bishop vs. Braedon Ward ruled no contest after both fighters fall through cage door for a double knockout (see video)
  • Isaiah Ferguson defeats Tyrelle Olding, 00:45 Round 1 via Submission (Arm Triangle)

Hardrock MMA 43 play by play:

Cody Bruce vs Lewis Whitt

Hardrock MMA Interim Middleweight Championship

Round 1:  Whitt looks for a kick but doesn’t throw it. Bruce connects with a straight right. Whitt throws another leg kick and Bruce lands another right. Bruce gets a takedown and looks to mount. Whitt has wrist control . Bruce mounts and starts with some ground and pound. Whitt gives up and arm and Bruce locks in an armbar. Whitt taps instantaneously.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Cody Bruce defeats Lewis Whitt, 1;57 Round 1 via submission(armbar). Bruce becomes the interim Hardrock MMA Middleweight champ.

Dusty Gibbs vs Derik Byrd (champion)

Hardrock MMA Bantamweight Championship

Round 1: Byrd lands a right hand out of the gate. Gibbs back peddles and Byrd lands another right. Byrd swings wild and misses. Byrd lands the leg kick to the right leg of Gibbs. Gibbs throws a right and misses. Gibbs connects on a flying knee. Gibbs presses Byrd up against the cage and gets a takedown. Gibbs works the body with short punches from the top position. Byrd tries to lock in a triangle as the round ends.

Round 2: Byrd starts the round swinging  and lands a huge right overhand flush to the face of Gibbs and drops him. Before he can pounce referee Gary Copeland jumps in to stop any more damage.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Derik Byrd def. Dusty Gibbs by knockout (punch) Rd 2

Jamey Scruggs vs Chris Biddle

190 lbs. Pro Catchweight

Round 1: Scruggs shoots and gets the takedown of Biddle. Biddle works out and Scruggs gets another takedown.  Scruggs throws short jabs from the top position. Biddle looks for a kimura but doesn’t have it. Scruggs lands several blows from the top. Biddle tries to control the wrists. Scruggs controls Biddle on the ground and looks to wear him down. Scruggs gets several body shots in but Biddle escapes to his feet. Scruggs locks in a guillotine  and takes Biddle down. Chris pops out and Scruggs turtles up. Biddle throws body shots  until Scruggs gets wrist control. Biddle gains top position and sinks his forearm into the throat of Scruggs. The round ends with Biddle struggling for position.

Round 2: Fighters come out swinging and Scruggs tries a push kick. Biddle forces Scruggs to the cage and lands a knee.  Scruggs escapes and gets a takedown. Biddle gets side control  as the pace slows. Biddle lands an elbow from the top.  Biddle  works Scruggs up against the cage as the ref warns both fighters to work. Biddle lands an elbow to the face of Scruggs. Biddle takes the back of Scruggs and lands several shots. Scruggs works his way to his knees and Biddle forces him back down. Biddle pushes his forearm back into the throat of Scruggs. Fighters stall and get another standup warning. Neither improve position as the round ends.

Round 3: Both fighters throw big punches coming out with Scruggs inflicting the most damage. Scruggs gets a takedown but Biddle gets top position. Biddle works the neck again with his forearm. Chris lands a weak elbow. Copeland is looking to stand the fighters up. Fighters are stood up. Biddle swings hard and Scruggs again pushes him into the cage. Biddle lands several body shots before he gets taken down again. Fighters look tired as they are warned to keep working. Fighters are stood up. Biddle lands two big shots as Scruggs looks for another takedown. The rounds end.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Chris Biddle def. Jamey Scruggs by unanimous decision

Brandon Bishop vs Braedon Ward

Pro Lightweights

Round 1: Fighters touch gloves and lock up as Ward tries a takedwon. Bishop connects with a knee and then gets a takedown. Fighters pop back up Ward keeps Bishop pressed against the cage. Ward shoots on Bishop and they both fly through the door onto the floor and both are knocked out cold. Pandemonium ensues…. (see video!)

OFFICIAL RESULT: fight ruled no contest.

Isaiah Ferguson vs Tyrelle Olding

Pro Featherweight

Round 1: Fighters touch gloves and Ferguson lands a big right hand. Fighters clinch up and Ferguson slams Olding to the mat. Ferguson gets position and sinks in a tight arm triangle and Olding taps out.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Isaiah Ferguson defeats Tyrelle Olding, 00:45 Round 1 via Submission ( Arm Triangle)

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