Brian Imes is The Human Cockfighter

When I was a young man I would work year round in my community to put money in my pocket. In the summer I would work on construction sites with my stepfather. In the fall I would rake and bundle leaves. In the winter I would shovel snow. In the spring I would help my mother plant flowers and rekindle my grass cutting contacts from the previous year. I used my stepfather’s mower and paid for my own gas, of course. All of these tasks were blended into my busy school and wrestling schedules.

I was encouraged by my parents and grandparents to place my earned income into a bank. There it would be safe and I would be compensated a modest interest rate for the bank’s usage of my money.

It would be there when I needed it to purchase material goods from my neighbors. I was not encouraged, however, to invest my money in myself and make possible a greater return.

Up until just before my 30th birthday I worked diligently within the system to make money and reinvest it back into the system through real estate and banking institutions. Upon losing every dollar I had ever earned and reinvested, I abandoned the system that I so loyally invested in. I have spent my following years working for and investing in myself. I have realized a greater return on my investment and enjoyed the liberty of unregulated, individual redistribution. I am my own boss, for better or for worse.

That is the life of a fighter. Personal investment is pinnacle to any expectation of return. I must work daily, disciplining myself, without immediate return, in order to profit from my work. The hours are endless and the environment can be painful and thankless, but the rewards are immeasurable. I am free to build my own fantasy. Only I can limit my potential, but the entire community will profit from my rewards.

I mentioned in my last post my decision to design and print a political shirt. “Yes, You Can” is the statement proclaimed in black ink across the breast of a fatigue green Hanes t-shirt. Contrary to the campaign slogan of our now President, Barack Obama, this is a statement of faith, not only in myself, but in my individual neighbors.

In order to save ourselves and the community, we must embrace our individual liberty and have faith in our neighbors as well. No group or collective measure has ever created wealth, security or freedom. It takes a village and villages are built strong by individuals. “We” must have faith in ourselves and find the strength to abandon our predestination. Only then will we be liberated.

There is only one man running for the Executive Office of our country that is an independent business owner. He has taken risks in love, profession, procreation and community involvement. Those risks have shown rewards for himself, his family and his community.

He is a medical doctor, delivering over 4000 babies into the world over his career. He and his wife just celebrated 55 years of marriage, watching over five children, eighteen grandchildren and one great grandchild. Dr. Ron Paul has exercised his individual liberty with great rewards and wants the same for his neighbors. Yes, you can. Elect Ron Paul.

Hillbilly Fight Wear is growing and the message is growing with it. Watch for us around the Midwest at amateur and professional mixed martial arts events. We attend music festivals, rodeos, biker rallies and fundraisers. Thump a stranger. It’s good for the community.

My next fight will be April 7th at the Hilton in Branson, Missouri. Midwest Ultimate Cage Fights is the independent business of Tommy Tran. I am working hard daily to train, teach, coach, write, design and fight for liberty. This is my dream and I am proud to work for it’s realization. Stay diligent. Yes, you can.

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