Its seems to have been a rather quick week.  My days are full of training, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yummy. LOL. Putting in lots of work for my upcoming fight February 17th in sunny and warm Ft. Lauderdale, FL!!

Jessica [Aguilar] and I will be making history in Howard Davis Jr.’s Fight Time Promotions.  We are the first ever female fight in their show.  I am very excited to test my skills against JAG; I am working harder than ever.  This is the biggest fight of my career; win, lose, or draw this is a great fight for me.

JAG is very well rounded, so no matter what the outcome, I will learn a lot from it.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m going  in there with a solid game plan to finish this fight.

I got my dilated eye exam Thursday, thanks to my friend Celes for the referral!  I got my blood work thru the newest Advanced Sports Labs station here in Montana, at the Billings Clinic.

Thanks to my all around awesome husband/coach/manager (a girl could ask for) for making this happen for all fighters here.  I also appreciate the way we have been treated by the President and VP of Advanced Sports Labs! Thanks!

On Saturday Mark had another B-ball game, they did great, 46-32! Way to go Cougars, you really looked like you are all working together well!

Tuesday night I did an interview with Woody and MMA Uncensored.  Thanks so much for having me on the show; we had to make it short and sweet because I was getting ready to start class.  You guys rock!   It was a fun interview and well organized.

Stay posted on my Facebook, Twitter @LilPatriciamma and website for links to my interviews, and for everything going on with my career, life and…

Started doing ice baths this week.  WOW, what a torturous technique, with muscle recovery results to endure that anytime!!  Took one Monday night, and Tuesday I woke up feeling fresh.  Then decided to skip it Tuesday night, woke up Wed. morning; oh man, I regret not doing it…

I started at 5 minutes, and now I’m up to 10-plus minutes.   My weight is coming off just as planned, I cannot wait to have Jason take some back pictures after I’m cleaned up from cutting in the sauna.  Hard work pays off, it helps to have a great support system too.  Thanks everyone!

Got my rash guard and walk out shirts back from A.C.E.S. here in Billings!  They are simple, yet FANTASTIC!  Check them out on my shop page, you can order them on my website, along with autograph pictures in all sizes. 4×6, 5×7 & 8×10. If you are interested in a larger size, please email me on my contact page, we can work something out, anything is possible.

I want to thank my family, friends, fans, coach, students/teammates, Sensei Dan and 4th Avenue Dojo and Alternative Athletics Crossfit for all of your amazing support, I greatly appreciate all of it!

Big thanks to Jack Bratcher and  for having me here as a resident blogger. Being  a part of this website is a great opportunity and many more ways to promote Women’s MMA (sorry guys) and MMA in a whole!  Go “LIKE” their Facebook Fan page and stay updated on everything MMA!!

Thanks to my AWESOME sponsors!!  Polanti Watches ~ Taining Mask ~ Nutra Bio ~ Super Body Care ~ Damage Control Mouthguards ~  A.C.E.S.

Thanks for everyone’s continued support!

“Little” Patricia

“Little” Patricia Vidonic chronicled her journey to winning the Beatdown MMA women’s 110-pound title in her “Road to the Championship Blog”. Now that Patricia has achieved that goal, readers can follow “The Vidonic Chronicles” each week as she continues her journey toward becoming the top 110 and 115-pound female MMA fighter in the world.

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