Fist-ta-Cuff Radio welcomes guests Nate James, Gareth Joseph, Alp Ozkilic and Erik Koch Sunday night at 10:30 p.m. ET

Show 126 and we got your MMA fix. This show we are bringing you some of the best guests from past shows. Our first guest is nasty, I mean really nasty! Second up is a man who’s such a beast he has a gym in a truck.

Kicking off the second hour is a man that’s looking to destroy anyone who he faces in an eight-man tournament. Last but not least is a man who’s tearing apart the 145 pound division.

Nate James

Nasty Nate James is back in the shop and ready to chop it up. We got plenty to talk to Nate from training to his day job. Nate just competed at Strikeforce Challengers 20.

He did lose a decision but Nate didn’t get the nickname cause he just lays down… we will talk to him about getting his beast-mode back on and what’s next for him. Trust me you won’t want to miss the start of this weeks show. Follow Nate on Twitter @nnjames.

Gareth Joseph

I told you our next guest gets his hulk on inside the gym and at his day job and even using his truck. Gareth Joseph is stopping in to talk about his upcoming fight coming up February 11 for CWFC.

Gareth puts on a show every time he steps into the cage and it’s no surprise when you look at who he trains with and his work ethic. Gareth has a ton of things to talk about and it always seems like we never have enough time. Follow Gareth on Twitter @GarethJoseph.

Alp Ozkilic

Alp Ozkilic is back and ready to talk about his current fight, which will see him scrapping in the first round of an eight man tournament at LOF51. I can’t wait to talk to Alp about preparing for a tournament and how it changes from training for a single contract fight.

Alp is a bad man, I mean bad. He’s no stranger to the show and if you haven’t done your research go out and do some. Alp has tons of wrestling credentials, is 4-0 as a pro, trains out of St. Louis and there is plenty more.

Trust me you should watch some of his fights on Youtube. This will be a great way to start the second hour and you won’t want to miss Alp, oh you can also follow him on Twitter @alpozkilicmma.

Erik Koch

The last man to rock the mic tonight is none other than New Breed. As Dave Hester would say YUUUUUPPPPPP. Erik is a close friend of the show and when I say close you’ll understand if you look him up on youtube.

Koch is dropping in for all you Koch Heads to chop it up about his current injury which forced him to pull out of his #1 contender match with Dustin Poirier.

We will talk to Koch about the state of the 145 pound division, how bitter sweet it is to be that close to a shot at the title, how training has been out at Roufusport, how he gets down in the winter and much more.

You won’t find a better Erik Koch interview anywhere, so tune in and tune out. Follow Erik on Twitter @NewBreed04.

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