UFC on FOX 2: LIVE results and play-by-play

CHICAGO — “UFC on FOX 2” takes place this evening at the United Center in Chicago, Ill. and features a light heavyweight main event between top 205 pound contenders Rashad Evans and Phil Davis. If Evans wins he is guaranteed a title shot against champion Jon Jones, and if Davis wins impressively, he could also find himself with a shot at the title.

In the co-main event, top middleweight contenders Chael Sonnen and British bad boy Michael Bisping clash for a crack at 185 pound champion and pound-for-pound king Anderson “The Spider” Silva.

Evans-Davis, Sonnen-Bisping and a middleweight tilt between Demian Maia and  undefeated rising star Chris Weidman make up the three-fight main card which will air tonight on FOX starting at 8 p.m. ET (5 p.m. PT). It is the UFC’s first official full-fledged card on FOX which marks the beginning of a seven year deal with the television giant.

ProMMAnow.com (www.prommanow.com) will provide LIVE results and play-by-play commentary of all tonight’s UFC on FOX 2 action from beginning to end starting with the preliminary card bouts which will air LIVE on FUEL TV starting at 5 p.m. ET (2 p.m. PT). For our thoughts and predictions on the fights check out ProMMAnow.com UFC on FOX 2 staff picks.

UFC on FOX 2 quick results:


  • Rashad Evans def. Phil Davis by unanimous decision Rd 3 (5:00)
  • Chael Sonnen def. Michael Bisping by unanimous decision Rd 3 (5:00)
  • Chris Weidman def. Demian Maia by split decision Rd 3 (5:00)


  • Evan Dunham def. Nik Lentz vy TKO (Doctor Stoppage) Rd 2 (5:00)
  • Mike Russow def. Jon Olav Einemoby unanimous decision Rd 3 (5:00)
  • Cub Swanson def. George Roop by TKO (punches) Rd 2 (2:22)
  • Charles Oliveira def. Eric Wisely by submission (calf slicer) Rd 1 (1:43)
  • Michael Johnson def. Shane Roller by unanimous decision Rd 3 (5:00)
  • Lavar Johnson def. Joey Beltran by knockout (punches) Rd 1 (4:24)


  • Chris Camozzi def. Dustin Jacoby by submission (guillotine choke) Rd 3 (1:08)
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UFC on FOX 2 play-by-play:

(HW) Joey Beltran vs. Lavar Johnson

Round 1 – Beltran coming in 25 pounds lighter than normal — weighed in at 228 pounds. Johnson in his UFC debut is 252 pounds. Beltran refused to touch gloves. Johnson hurts Beltran with a hook to the body as he immediately gets in Beltran’s face. Knee to the body from Johnson as he presses Beltran to the cage. More knees from Johnson. Rogan says Beltran needs to get to 205. They tie up and jockey for position. Beltran backs out. Big leg kick from Johnson, double jab and Beltran looks uncomfortable. Beltran with a sloppy shot for a takedown. Stuffed. Johnson with a leg kick, Beltran gives him one back. Jabs from Johnson, big right to the body. More jabs, jabs. Beltran’s mustache hanging tight. Johnson picking him apart with boxing. Jab, jab. Sloppy shot from Beltran, stuffed, pushed against the cage, knee from Johnson. Leg kick from Beltran. More jabs from Johnson. Body shot from Beltran. Beltran’s hands low, down by his side. Body shot from Beltran. Big leg kick from Johnson. Beltran hanging tough, lands a combo. Johnson backs him to the cage, lands a couple big punches and a big uppercut rocks Beltran. Johnson is a big mean man and proves it with five straight uppercuts and right hook mixed in there for seasoning and Beltran falls face first to the canvas unconscious. This fight is over folks. And the referee pushes Johnson away from his beaten opponent after becoming the first man in UFC history — first man ever in fact — to knockout Joey Beltran.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Lavar Johnson def. Joey Beltran by knockout (punches) Rd 1 (4:24)

@lavarjohnson & @themexicutioner

(155) Michael Johnson vs. Shane Roller

Round 1 – Johnson swings first. Roller misses with a couple left hooks, shoots low, stuffed, he presses Johnson to the cage. Johnson gets free and moves to the center. Left from Johnson as Roller covers up. Two more lefts from Johnson as Roller covers up. Roller looks for a takedown, stuffed quickly and pushed away. Johnson counters a couple strikes that miss. Stuffs another shot. Roller clinches, tries to trip, lands a knee. Johnson pushes him to the cage. Roller has almost a guillotine hold, lets it go. Boos from the crowd. Right hook from Johnson as he breaks the clinch. Right to the body from Roller. They exchange some punches. Roller shoots, stuffed. Johnson pushes him to the cage. Two minutes to go. Roller tries to lock on a guillotine. Lets it go. Johnson backs him up with punches. Roller covers up. Johnson dodges a couple punches, pushes Roller to the cage. Clinched, knees from Johnson. Right elbow, left hand on the break, he backs up, they square up in the center. Johnson light on his feet, dancing. Clinch, they exchange punches. Left from Johnson, flying knee. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Johnson.

Round 2 – Left hand from Johnson, half a collar tie with an uppercut from Roller. Johnson backs him to the cage, lands a right elbow, backs out to the center. Left hook from Roller. Right hand. Right hand from Johnson. Clinch. Johnson pushes him to the cage. Roller with a guillotine hold, lets it go. Johnson backs out to the center. Roller walks him down. Punches exchanged. Johnson pushes him to the cage as they clinch. Boos from the crowd at the inactivity. They jockey for position, Roller tries to trip Johnson but ends up on his back with Johnson inside his full guard. He drops a couple elbows on Roller. Two minutes to go. Roller gets up, clinched, knee. Roller with a nice right snaps Johnson’s head back. Clinch war. One minute to go. Johnson presses him to the cage. Big elbow from Johnson as he backs up. Clinch, knee from Johnson. He backs away, lands a counter left and a three punch combo, leg kick, clinch. Roller tries for a trip. Gets a body lock but with 10 seconds left can’t get it. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Johnson.

Round 3 – Leg kick from Johnson. Three punch combo and a leg kick from Johnson, all landing. Roller shoots, stuffed, but he takes Johnson’s back as Johnson gets lackadaisical. He flattens Johnson out and starts dropping bombs. Johnson says he’s fine. Herb Dean says, “I’m not stopping the bout…but halts the action and warns Roller to stop hitting the back of the head.” He lets them restart. Tells Johnson he needs to fight back as Roller lands more punches and elbows. Roller goes for the rear naked choke as they roll and Roller has a body triangle locked on. Roller landing nice punches as he still has the body triangle. One minute left in the round. Roller lets go the body triangle and Johnson immediately  spins around and gets top position inside full guard. Johnson starts dropping some nice punches and elbows. Johnson backs up and lets Roller up. Johnson attacks with some solid punches, lands a jumping kick to the groin. Ref calls time. They restart and start swinging fo the fences. Nice left from Roller. Close back and forth round but I think Johnson did enough to turn it around and he ended the round stronger. PMN scores the round 10-9 and the fight 30-27 for Johnson. – Replay shows Johnson’s flying knee landed solid on Roller’s chin knocking him into the cage.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Michael Johnson def. Shane Roller by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) Rd 3 (5:00)

@followthemenace & @shaneroller

(145) Charles Oliveira vs. Eric Wisely

Round 1 – Oliveira’s first fight at 145. Inside leg kick from Oliveira. Wisely misses a couple kicks. Leg kick from Oliveira. Light inside kick. He catches Wisely’s kick and trips him to his back. Oliveira hovers over Wisely and attacks with punches while controlling the legs. Oliveira drops down for a deep heel hook/knee bar. Wisely slips out. Oliveira goes for it again. Transfers to a calf slicer. Beautiful beautiful submission reminiscent of Ovince Saint Preux’s submission of Ombey Mobley at XFC 8 back in April 2009 in Knoxville.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Charles Oliveira def. Eric Wisely by submission (calf slicer) Rd 1 (1:43)

@C_Oliveira_UFC & @EricWisely

(145) George Roop vs. Cub Swanson

Round 1 – Leg kick from Swanson. Roop with a switch kick. Front kick. Misses a high kick. Cub misses a leg kick. Roop with a light head kick, no effect. Leg kick from Cub knocks Roop off balance. Jumping knee from Roop. Misses a high kick. Cub pressing forward. One two high kick from Roop, teep. Cub still pressing, misses a wheel kick, eats a counter. Cub unleashes a punch combo and tags Roop. Roop’s hands are low and chin is up but gets lucky and Cub misses the big shot. Roop presses Cub to the cage, unloads a punch combo as Cub covers up. They move to the center. Cub with a nice punch combo. Blocks a high kick. Roop shoots and Cub gives him a beautiful judo throw while shouting a “kiyaii!” Switch high kick from Roop is blocked. Wheel kick from Cub just misses. Cub catches a low kick and trips Roop to his back. Roops lands an upkick. Cub hovers. Roop gets up before the bell. Good fight. PMN scores it 10-9 for Swanson.

Round 2 – These guys don’t like each other. Leg kick from Roop, again. Jumping knee from Roop. Left hook from Cub. Big leg kick behind it. Right hand from Cub. They clinch, knee from Roop. Knee from Cub, Roop with a knee. Roop backs out. Leg kick from Cub, right to the body. Cub pressing forward, Roop slips several shots. Cub drops Roop with a left jab and then a huge overhand right behind it that sends Roop’s mouthpiece flying. Cub finishes him off with several big punches as Roop tries to get away from the onslaught. He can’t escape and the ref saves him. It is Cub’s first win since Nov. 2010.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Cub Swanson def. George Roop by TKO (punches) Rd 2 (2:22)

@GeorgeRoop & @CubSwanson

(HW) Jon Olav Einemo vs. Mike Russow

Round 1 – Russow attacks quickly with punches, backs Einemo to the cage then puts him down on his back. Russow steps back and lets Einemo up. Clinched, knee from Einemo, body shots from Russow. Left hook, right from Russow, clinch. Big knee from Einemo again to the body. Left hook from Russow, shoots, stuffed. Nice right from Einemo and a right uppercut. Couple of hooks from Einemo. Knee from Einemo from the clinch. Again, again. Knee from Russow. Knee from Einemo. Leaping left hook from Russow, followed by a combo and a takedown. Moves to side control. Einemo with half butterfly. Einemo with punches from the bottom, controlling the wrist. Russow breaks wrist control, elbows the body. Up kick from Einemo as Russow stands up. Russow tries to move into side control. Einemo has half, now full guard. One butterfly in. Einemo sweeps right into full mount at the bell. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Russow.

Round 2 – Left jab from Einemo. Clinch, short uppercut from Einemo. Russow gets the takedown, not scared of the ground game of this grappling superstar who happens to be one of the few people to hold a win over Roger Gracie. Russow stacks him, lands some body shots and elbows to the body and head. Einemo throws his legs up but Russow pulls out and stands up. Einemo kicks at his knee. Russow lays down tries to land in side control but Einemo gets half guard. Russow stands up. Einemo kicks at his knee. Russow lays into half guard, drops a few shots. Einemo gets full guard. One and a half minutes to go. Nice elbow from Russow while standing up inside full guard. Russow goes to his knees inside guard and lands an elbow to the body. Ref Herb Dean calls for work. Ref stands them up. Einemo lands a hook as Russow puts him on his back right before the bell. Einemo looks pretty tired. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Russow.

Round 3 – Einemo breathing hard, bleeding from his nose. Jab from Russow. Double jab. Einemo shows a high kick, knee to the body. Left jab, single leg attempt from Russow, can’t get it. Einemo with a couple knees, may have hurt Russow. Lands a knee to the face. Again as Russow shoots. Russow gets him down on his back. Einemo throws up a triangle. Russow escapes and stands. He tries to jumpinto side control. Einemo defends, Russow stands back up, tries it again. Einemo gets full guard. Ref calling for action. Einemo almost takes Russow’s back, but apparently too tired. Russow laying on Einemo as Herb calls for work. Body body head punches from Russow. Herb makes Russow stand up as the crowd boos. Einemo can barely get up. Nice knee from Einemo. Russow blocks the next one, catches the next one and puts Einemo on his back. Russow may not look like a killer but he definitely has some solid skills. He stands up , tries to move to side control. Einemo grabs a wrist. Russow escapes, stands, and time is out. PMN scores the round 10-9 and the fight 30-27 for Russow.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mike Russow def. Jon Olav Einemoby unanimous decision  (29-28, 29-28, 30-27) Rd 3 (5:00)


(155) Evan Dunham vs. Nik Lentz

Round 1 – Dunham with a high kick, Lentz blocks it. Lentz with a high kick, Dunham blocks it. Loeg kick from Lentz. Catches a kicka nd puts Dunham down but he gets up, knee to the body from Lentz. Dunham with a quick combo. Clinch, knee from Lentz, right hand lands on the back of the head. Right hand from Lentz, again. Shoots, picks Dunham up and puts him down. Lentz holds a guilltone as Dunham gets to his feet and pushes Lentz to the cage. Dunham gets free. Lentz with a knee. Dunham backs up, body kick from Lentz. Left hook from Lentz, shoots, stuffed, gets caught in a guillotine. Lentz breaks free quickly, puts Dunham down and he pops right up. Ninety seconds to go. Clinch. They separate. Nice right from Lentz. Dunham picks Lentz up and puts him on his back. Lentz pulls a high guard. Dunham postures up with punches. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Lentz.

Round 2 – Dunham comes out quick, lands a left right, picks Lentz up and puts him down. Lentz with half guard. Dunham moves to side control. Lentz pushes Dunham back with his feet, tries to get up but Dunham keeps him down, but just for a moment ast Lentz explodes to his feet, lands three right hands. Clinched, they move to the center and square up. They trade punches, both landing. Lentz shoots. Dunham catches him in a front head lock, lets tit go and they swing for the fences in the pocket with Lentz getting the better of the exchange. Dunham  ends up putting Lentz on his back, has a choke but Lentz escapes. Lentz bleeding around his left eye. Dunham lights him up before Lentz gets to his feet. Big knee from Dunham. One two from Dunham. Lentz swings big and scores some shots as well. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Dunham. The doctor stops the fight due to the cut above Lentz eye.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Evan Dunham def. Nik Lentz vy TKO (Doctor Stoppage) Rd 2 (5:00)

@evandunham155 & @NikLentz


Randy Couture and Jon Jones, the oldest fighter and the youngest fighter to ever win UFC championships, join analyst Curt Menefree at the FOX desk inside the United Center in Chicago to talk about the three fights that will broadcast live tonight in primetime on FOX television.

(185) Demian Maia vs. Chris Weidman

Round 1 – Buffer is doing his thing on network television. Hello America, it’s Buffer Time! Herb Dean is the referee. Remember, Weidman took this bout on 11 days notice. If you want to see our picks for this fight and the others go here. Maia slips to the ground, he’s up. Weidman with some jabs and a high kick that is blocked. Knee from Maia. Herb tells them to keep their hands closed. Hook and a knee from Maia. Weidman with a right hand. Knee from Weidman. Low kick from Weidman. Both guys swing and miss. Leg kick from Weidman. Nice body shot from Weidman, knee from Maia. Right hand from Maian, Weidman gets the takedown. Maia gets right up, attacks, slips on a kick. He’s up. Clinch. Knee from Maia. Nice right from Weidman. High kick blocked by Weidman. Rogan being critical of Maia’s striking. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Weidman.

Round 2 – Ray Longo being very praiseworthy of Weidman in his corner; said his new name is “Primetime”. Touch gloves. Jab from Weidman, clinch, takes Maia down lands in side control. Maia is up, knee. Weidman goes for a leg, Maia escapes. Lunging left hand from Maia, body kick. Right hook from Maia. Body shot from Weidman, body shot from Weidman. Left from Maia, again. Inside leg kick from Weidman. Knee from Maia. Maia looks for a shot, pushed aside. Left from Maia. Body shot. Leg kick from Weidman. Head kick. Left jab from Weidman. He shoots, pushes Maia to the cage. Maia escapes to the center. Knee from Maia, high kick. His knees and punches seem to have little behind them. Weidman ties him up for a takedown. Maia tries to get up but gets taken right back down. Weidman locks on a guillotine but time is out. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Weidman.

Round 3 – Body lock, knee from Weidman. Lazy knee to the face from Maia doesn’t have any effect whatsoever. Weidman looking very tired. Locks up Maia and puts him down easily. Weidman inside full guard, body shots. Maia gets to his feet, shoots, stuffed. Knee to the face. Maia slips, back up. Weidman lands a right. They clinch up. Lazy knee from Maia. Maia shoots, stuffed. Weidman with a couple rights. Maia looking exhausted too. Boos from the crowd. Rogan says they look like two drunks outside a bar. And he’s right that’s what it looks like. Knee from Weidman to the face. Maia with a couple jabs. Weidman lands a jab, another one. Not the best way to start the FOX broadcast that’s for sure. The broadcast probably just lost half its viewers. Thankfully it’s over as the crowd boos. I don’t know who won the round and really don’t care. PMN scores the round a tie 10-10. Weidman should get the nod for the fight.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Chris Weidman def. Demian Maia by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) Rd 3 (5:00)

@demianmaia & @ChrisWeidmanUFC

(185) Michael Bisping vs. Chael Sonnen

Sonnen: “I give full disclosure to my opponents for the same reason they put warnings on cigarettes. Fighting Chael Sonnen may be hazardous to your health.” Here we go folks.

Round 1 – Sonnen comes out, eats a left but puts Bisping down immediately. Bisping right back up, backs up. Lands a left right on Sonnen, Sonnen moves forward, pushes him against the cage. Ties him up. Bisping escapes, lands a knee. Sonnen lunges with an overhand. Ties Bisping up and puts him down. Sonnen lands some punches hovering over Bisping. Bisping gets up but eats a couple in the process. Sonnen hanging on Bisping. Knee from Bisping. Bisping drops levels, stuffed. Knee from Sonnen to the gut. Bisping escapes. Sonnen walks him down, knee to the gut. Bisping turns him around to the cage. Ref says, “Watch your head”. Bisping leaning on Sonnen. Right hand from Bisping. Spinning kick from Bisping. Sonnen shoots, stuffed, presses Bisping to cage. Bisping holds shorts, warned by Big John. Knee from Sonnen. Bisping with a knee, again. Bisping leaning on Sonnen. Sonnen with a right. Nice left right by Bisping. Bisping ties him up against the cage. Sonnen ate some nice shots there. Bisping roughing him up in the clinch. Bisping misses a spinning kick. PMN scores the round 10-9 Sonnen.

Round 2 – One two by Bisping. Left from Sonnen. Left from Bisping. Sonnen gets a body lock. Bisping turns him around with underhooks. Rogan says Bisping is the most underrated fighter in the UFC. Bisping controlling Sonnen in the clinch. Rabbit punches and knee from Bisping. It’s a dog fight right here. Ref separates them. Sonnen with a right. Bisping with a left right. Sonnen puts him down. Lands a few left hands, flattens him out. Blood on Bisping’s face. Bisping with butterflies. Bisping is to his feet. Nice left from Bisping. They tie up. Bisping holding Sonnen against the cage. One and a half minutes to go. Bisping goes for a single, stuffed. One minute to go. Knee from Bisping. Right hand from Bisping. Sonnen looks exhausted and sloppy. Bisping slowing too. Very very fast paced though, not like the last fight. PMN scores the round 10-9 Bisping.

Round 3 – Touch gloves. Left from Sonnen, shoots, drives across the cage with a power double and Bisping is on his back. Bisping with half a butterfly guard, one foot on the hip. Sonnen drops some punches. Bisping throws his legs up for a submission. Sonnen gets out. Bisping gets to one knee. Sonnen takes his back with both hooks in. Big John calls for action. Bisping has two hands on one wrist. Sonnen gets full mount. Body shots from Sonnen, ref warns Bisping for hitting back of the head. Two minutes to go. Body shots from Sonnen. Shoulder strikes, he postures up and loses position. Sonnen in half guard now. Bisping hitting the side of the head. Sonnen landing bosy shots and punches to the head. Bisping gets his back to the cage. Sonnen hanging onto him desperately. Bisping is up. Sonnen leaning on him. Bisping turns him around and gets a takedown, drops some elbows. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Sonnen and the fight 29-28 for Sonnen. Close fight could go either way. They both raise their hands in victory.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Chael Sonnen def. Michael Bisping by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) Rd 3 (5:00)

Joe Rogan asks Sonnen if he was surprised by anything Bisping did? Sonnen said, “Tonight is not about questions for me, it’s about my questions for you. How does it feel to be standing next to greatness?” Sonnen went on to tell the world how great he is, handed the mic back to Joe and walked out. Another classic promo by Mr. Sonnen and what the Sonnen fans were waiting for and why he has the best all around game in the biz.

@bisping & @sonnench

(205) Phil Davis vs. Rashad Evan

Round 1 – Rashad crawls into the Octagon, slides on his butt. Five rounds. They touch gloves. Davis flashes a jab, kick. Evans swings a one two and misses. Big leg kick from Davis. High kick from Davis, blocked. Nice leg kick from Davis. Rashad flashes a jab. Davis slips, spins, clinches. Break. Davis ducks a punch, shoots sort of. Rashad with a front head lock, Rashad with a glancing punch on the break. Leg kick Davis. Counter combo from Rashad. Superman punch from Davis, slips to the ground. They clinch. Evans breaks free. High kick from Davis, one two punch. Nothing lands. Evans catches a kick and trips Davis. Rashad on top in half guard. Rashad in side control. Rashad gets the crucifix and Davis  squirming and flailing as Rashad lands some small punches. Rashad in side control. PMN scores round 1 for Evans 10-9.

Round 2 – I notice Davis keeps sliding ont the canvas. He kicks over Rashad’s head. Starts a leg kick but stops and spins around. Knee from Davis to the body. Jab from Evans. Leg kick from Davis. Evans checks a leg kick. Clinch, knee from Evans. Rashad with a right, ties up Davis, pushes him to the cage. Right hand on the break from Rashad. Lazy body kick from Davis. Counter right from Rashad. Davis’ strikes look labored. Counter right left from Evans. Right from Evans. Evans catches a body kick and puts Davis on his back. Rashad takes side control and lands a few elbows and punches. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Evans.

Round 3 – Evans checks a leg kick. Davis shoots, stuffed. Evans with a front headlock. Davis holding onto a single. Rashad hangs onto Phil’s body preventing the takedown. Rashad lets go as Davis continues to wrestle for the takedown, Rashad reverses and puts Davis on his back. Evans in back mount with both hooks in. Davis gets to his feet though without taking any damage. Knee from Davis to the body. Greco fight now. Right and an uppercut from Rashad. Davis drops down for a shot. Evans pushes him to the cage as he gets back to his feet. Nice one two combo from Evans. Davis swings, shoots and puts Evans on his back. Evans scrambles to his feet. Knees to his thighs from Davis. Grueling fight here. A few boos from the crowd. Close round. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Evans.

Round 4 – One two from Davis. Lazy body kick. Jab from Evans. Body kick from Davis. Jab from Evans. Again. Combo from Davis, Evans gives it back. Front kick from Davis. Right hook from Evans. Jab from Davis. Hook from Evans. Evans catches a kick, gets a front headlock, pushes Davis to the cage. Davis gets underhooks, lands a couple knees. Lets go and square up. Davis shoots for a single, Evans sprawls. Punch under the arm for Evans as he hangs on from the back. Evans pushes Davis to the cage. Less than a minute to go. Knee from Evans. They square up. Jab from Evans. Right from Davis. Evans swings big and misses. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Evans.

Round 5 – Left hook from Evans. Feels more like a sparring match so far. Evans checks a leg kick or two. Jab from Evans. Evans can see everything Davis throws. He catches a body kick and lands about three big rights and Davis shin is bleeding from those checked kicks. Evans on top in half guard. Evans gets the mounted crucifix. Davis scrambles out of it, gets to his knees as Evans holds on. Right hand from Evans, jab as they square up. Body shot from Evans. Big right from Evans right on the chin and Davis’ knees buckle. They clinch. Evans goes for a trip. One minute to go. Davis misses a head kick. Jab from Evans. Again. Right hand from Evans. Evans looks disappointed. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Evans and the fight 40-45 for Evans.

Well, this looked more like a sparring match than a fight even though a few hard shots were landed by Evans. At least he gets a title shot for himself. As far as the FOX viewers, what did they get? What do you think? — They didn’t have much to show for the “MetroPCS Move of the Fight” for this one. They basically showed a right punch from Evans and said “the move” was his boxing.

Rashad Evans wins the UFC on FOX 2 main event and gets a title shot with UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones on April 21 in Atlanta.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Rashad Evans def. Phil Davis by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45) Rd 3 (5:00)

@PhilMrWonderful & @SugaRashadEvans

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