Las Vegas, NV – January 25, 2012Frank Trigg announced today that he has added a new compelling element to his fast-rising dating and relationship blog ‘Ask Trigg’ by partnering with popular on-line columnist Jennifer Gargotto. Gargotto, who will bring a women’s perspective to the blog, is the woman behind, a self-improvement blog for modern women. She also authored the e-book Navigating Dating: A Single Woman’s Guide to Dating Without Losing Herself.

According to Frank Trigg, “I’m very excited to add a women’s perspective to the blog.  Although Jennifer and I may not always agree,we respect each other’s views.I definitely think that readers will gain a better understanding of the opposite sex as a result of our collaborative insights …and I have no doubt that we’ll spark some interesting debates in the process. I definitely encourage readers to weigh-in in the comment section of the blog.”

Trigg and Gargotto offer fun and insightful (yet often differing) perspectives on love, sex and other relevant topics that pertain to today’s singles scene. Every week on  Trigg and Gargotto will help guide readers through the complex world of dating and relationships.

Jennifer Gargotto had this to say about collaborating with Trigg, I’m so excited and honored to be working with Frank Trigg on his relationship blog. It’s always fascinating when we get to peek inside and learn more about the inner lives of public personas, and Frank is no exception. For a man that became famous as a professional fighter, his insights into human relations are incredibly impressive and thought provoking. I hope I can provide another perspective, and push those insights and questions even further.”

‘Ask Trigg’ has garnered positive attention from fans and the media alike and continues to generate intriguing inquiries from readers. Trigg has addressed a wide variety of dating and relationship topics, including but not limited to – how and where to meet “Mr. Right”, how to keep a man’s attention once you’ve got it, living together before marriage, the real meaning behind ‘friends with benefits’  and much more!

The blog has been featured as a ‘top pick’ on USA Today numerous times and continues to grow in popularity among male and female readers. Check out new ‘Ask Trigg’ blog updates every week on This week Trigg and Gargotto address the topic of ‘Dating as a single parent.’

Readers can send their dating and relationship questions to [email protected]. For more information on Frank Trigg, please visit or follow him on Twitter at @franktrigg. For more information on Jennifer Gargotto, please log on to or follow her on twitter at @MsMorphosis.

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