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As a fighter, I know the only way to experience glory is to work for it. I have to plan, train, sacrifice and execute daily for months on end leading up to an opportunity. Glory is the reward for my personal investment. The glory is the feeling, although brief, of freedom. Individuals are responsible for their own freedom. It cannot be taught or given, only learned and won. Our flag has gotten in an arrogant habit of giving. Giving is a choice for the individual, not the collective. Collective giving is force. Individual sacrifice is glorious.

If they censor the Internet, then they are censoring information and thus further regulating education. People are responsible for their own learning and information comes from endless perspectives. Regulating education limits imagination, programs ignorance and defies logic. Their notion of progress is a regression in values, knowledge and compassion.

Increased faith in governance is a recess in human nature. We are educators and feelers. No possible understanding can an outside force have of any situation. No study can predict or explain motive. This first law in science reminds us, there is no such thing as scientific law. With so many predesigned solutions we are not free to choose. As a species, our inability to choose has ushered our evolution into complacence.

Thus, why human combat is so popular in our society. Human beings are desperate for an honest human interaction. With so few rules, an MMA competitor is free to express themselves, unregulated. Contrary to more popular sports leagues, where speech, attire, legal representation and union affiliation are often predetermined behaviors. Fighters are individuals, free from restraints inside the cage and free from organization outside of the cage. We define our own value and bear our souls for the good of the community.

This Saturday I will travel to Branson, Missouri for a ShoFIGHT promotion. JT Tilley has invited my friend, William Moore, to compete for his Super Heavyweight Amateur Title. I have known William for years, per my frequent visits to Clinton, Missouri for Throwdown in C-Town. He is a spry, 310 pound knucklehead, with a clever wit and accurate striking ability.

This will be my first experience with JT’s promotion, but my second visit to Branson for an MMA event. We visited last fall for a Midwest Ultimate Cage Fight promotion. There are plenty of MMA fans around this wooded, hilly section of America’s middle. With our country’s awakening to out of control policy making, the numbers will only grow in support of individualism and personal sacrifice. These are the virtues that make our sport so pure, so real, so honest and so loved.

The material discussion of people and things is turning to an exchange of ideas and philosophy. The people are hungry for liberty and nothing can stop them. Support a local fighter. They are rough and often awkward, but they stand and shine light on the dark. Sterile environments can teach nothing. It’s the dirt that shares a story and the man unafraid to embrace it that is most valuable.

I have a busy schedule ahead for the first part of this year. I have a tentative agreement to fight in early April. I am working with a group to bring “thumpology” to the Middle East come June. In times of turmoil, one must conduct his own diplomacy. The message is catching on and people are shedding their defenses. One day we will walk without expectation and carefree of judgement. Embrace your liberty and shine your love on the world. When necessary, thump a stranger. It cuts costs and builds bridges between communities. Thumpin’ is lovin’.

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