Words from a wooly-headed warrior: Introducing Matt Metts

Matt Metts will be competing in the Spartan Fighting Championship's professional lightweight tournament beginning on February 11.

I hate to be cliché but I feel like an introduction for the first installment of my blog is appropriate. My name is Matt Metts, I fight at 155lbs, and I will be leading you guys through my camp for my second professional fight. This fight is against Adam Mays*, and we will be fighting on Spartan Fighting Championship 12 in Morehead, Ky.

There are high stakes considering we are fighting in the first round of a four-man tournament, in which the overall winner will be awarded the Spartan Fighting Championship lightweight belt. Follow me on my journey through my fight camp and hopefully to a championship fight.

My fighting career began about four years ago when I quit playing college football for Kentucky Wesleyan, a small D-2 school in Owensboro, Ky. After I came home to Lexington, Ky., I met my current coach and best friend, Rob Nickerson, while playing flag football.

I began lifting weights with him and before I knew it, he was beating me up and I was helping him prepare for an upcoming fight. Little did I know that with every boxing tip, and every time we grappled I was becoming addicted to MMA. I trained with Rob for over a year before I took my first fight. Seven amateur fights and one pro fight after that and here we are.

I am still training under Rob Nickerson at his gym, Reaction MMA. Reaction is a gym that Rob built up from just a couple of guys training in a garage into one of the best gyms in the area. The reason I feel that our gym is one of the best in the area is because of the attention to detail that is put into coaching, and the different talents that our young up-and-comers have.

I choose to participate in MMA for the same reason that every other fighter does, because of the sweet skull t-shirts and to tell everybody how cool I am. I’m KIDDING. I like to fight because I have always enjoyed the challenging and competitive aspects of sports.

I have played many other sports including baseball, basketball, and football; however, after I found MMA, I thought, “Wow, is there a better way of testing yourself than getting into a cage with another man?” I haven’t found a better way yet.

For future entries you can expect to find tips for amateur fighters, including how to manage/model your careers and other things I deem helpful. You will also be able to read about dieting tips and a few things I keep in my diet. Stay tuned to join in on all of the fun!

You can also follow me on Twitter @Metts7nbrsk. Trust me, it will be well worth your time. I also want to take a minute to thank my sponsors who are supporting me while I get ready for this fight: On Point Athletics, Swole Sports Nutrition, and Rolling Big Power.

DISCLAIMER: Although I am a professional fighter, I’m still an amateur at blogging. So hang in there with me.

“Words From a Wooly Headed Warrior” is a weekly ProMMAnow.com blog series written by professional fighter Matt Metts as he prepares for his Feb. 11 fight at SFC 12. “Words From a Wooly Headed Warrior” is part of our ongoing series of exclusive content written by individuals involved in the mixed martial arts industry. For more information on Metts, visit The Matthew Wellington Group.

*Editor’s note: At the time Metts originally wrote the article, he was scheduled to fight Adam Mays in the first round of the tournament.  However, since that time,  Mays was removed from the card due to an injury sustained in another fight.  Metts’s new opponent is expected to be finalized soon.

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