The Human Cockfighter Blog: Honor Thy Neighbor

Brian Imes is The Human Cockfighter

It is a new year for all, around the globe, but nothing other than the calendar’s last two digits has changed.

Every community around the globe is in a fight for independence. The battle is greater for some, but real for all.

Since the creation, or evolution, or unexplained phenomenon, or immaculate conception of man, he has been at odds with his neighbor.

The battles have been fought over food, shelter, resources, compensation, effort, beliefs, loyalties and boundaries.

No matter your political, religious, spiritual, or monetary persuasion, you have been subject to its force throughout your lifetime.

We have stolen, raped, murdered, coveted, envied, lusted after, redistributed, regulated, mandated, taxed, outlawed and exported the globe’s every imaginable resource, including ourselves.

Few are the people who live a self-sustained lifestyle, producing and servicing their independent consumptions. The ones who manage to account well for their own lives usually have plenty left over and share it selflessly with their immediate community. These are the very people whom we should look to for inspiration, discipline, and strength.

People are only as free as they are willing to perform accountable service. Any failure or misplaced step must be accounted for down the road by family, neighbor, friend, or complete stranger.

Resources become difficult to access, use and responsibly discard per the steps fumbled through harvest, production and distribution. The fewer steps, the fewer the opportunities for failure.

This is an obvious conclusion for a man that has made a living in every imaginable form of productive and service oriented resource distribution. It is difficult to produce, serve or distribute when any party produces steps that steal from the consumer.

Time is precious and need be invested in the most efficient distributive functions. Any unnecessary step wastes time, slows production, differs resources and inevitably redistributes work compensation.

Every person has their own spirituality, experience, ethics, personality, genealogy, biology and passion from which they draw their motivation to perform service. Our individualism is what separates us and thus brings us together.

Our failures result from our undisciplined expectations and disrespectful assumptions of each other. Our lack of faith in one another to perform service is our obstacle.

People from every corner of our globe, from every imaginable culture, have disputed over where we should draw that faith. I challenge each and every person on the globe to tell anyone why in the hell it should matter. Faith is respect. Respect is discipline. Discipline is honor. Honor thy neighbor. Thump a stranger. What does it mean to you?