Los Angeles, California (USA): Crossfire Media Group (CMG) today announced that it has agreed to terms with pro wrestling legend Diamond Dallas Page to represent his workout brand, DDPYoga, in the mixed martial arts world. Page is a three-time former world champion who competed in the WWE, WCW, and TNA, and is one of the most popular wrestling stars of the last fifteen years.

CMG will provide public and media relations services for DDPYoga in order to expand its exposure into the MMA world.

“It ain’t yo mama’s yoga, and I’m excited to introduce DDPYoga to the MMA world!” exclaimed DDP. “I truly believe this workout will revolutionize how fighters train for fights, and even how those that train MMA, but don’t compete, work out. And with CMG helping us make that introduction, I’m sure we’re going to be successful in taking DDPYoga to another level!”

“It’s truly an honor to be working with a legend like Diamond Dallas Page,” stated CMG Owner/Publicist Phil Lanides. “When we came into contact, I was extremely excited when I heard about the benefits of DDPYoga, and I agree with DDP in that I think it will change the way fighters prepare for their fights in a major way.”

DDP, who didn’t begin his career as an active pro wrestler until the age of 35, dealt with numerous injuries throughout his career, like most wrestlers. In 1998 he suffered ruptures to his L4/L5 discs in his spine. Three separate doctors informed him that, at 42, his career was over. However, then-wife Kimberly encouraged Page to try yoga. He was resistant, but out of desperation, gave it a shot. While amazed at the results, DDP wanted a workout with more intensity.

“So, I started looking at other exercise techniques,” Page explains. “I wanted a full-blown cardio workout that wouldn’t beat up my body. I teamed up with trainers, nutritionists, and kinesiologists, and ended up with a workout where I took the basic principles of yoga blended with elements of strength conditioning, Pilates, and mixed martial arts.”

The result: DDPYoga.

“It’s the only workout that gets you strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular conditioning, and all with zero impact. So what it comes down to is that it has zero impact, awesome cardio, dramatically increased flexibility, and core strength conditioning. It’s the only all-in-one workout that gives you everything you need. And…it ain’t your momma’s yoga…there’s no spiritual mumbo-jumbo B.S. It’s a serious workout that you can do at any level. So, from Brock Lesnar to a kid just getting into MMA, anyone can do it, and make it their own.”

Currently being used by professional football players, pro and amateur wrestlers, MMA fighters, and even those outside of pro sports, DDPYoga has changed lives, and DDP wants the MMA world to know that there’s a workout that can bring fighters to the next level with their conditioning. “When you’re fighting, whether you’re in side-mount or some other position, you are engaging your body from your nose to your toes. Well, DDPYoga is the only workout that does the same thing, and heals your body at the same time.”

“If you want to have an edge, you need a workout that not only won’t beat up your body, but will increase your cardio as well. You can put a guy into any of the 50,000 holds or submissions, and the guy with great flexibility is more likely to get out of it. And what about injuries? Do you ever hear a fighter say he’s 100% going into a fight? It’s pretty rare. The bottom line is that so much of the conditioning that MMA fighters do is high-impact. The big tires, the ropes, the grappling, the throwing…it’s all impact! So it wears on the body. DDPYoga doesn’t. And that is pivotal.”

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