Japanese Olympic Judo gold medalist Satoshii Ishii is in trouble. As one scholar aptly put it, “This [expletive] done gone and got real.”

Every die-hard MMA fan knows 2010-2011 were not good years for Fedor Emelianenko as far as his fighting career is concerned.

And every die-hard Fedor fans knows there is one thing that has been noticeably absent from The Last Emperor’s game during most of the time he has been in this slump.

No, it’s not that he wasn’t concentrating enough on his wrestling during training. And it wasn’t that he was failing to train his jiu-jitsu defense enough. No, it was something much more fundamental…

And much more pastel…

But it’s back!

Spotted during an interview with Fedor on Russian television Wednesday was…

The Glorious Sweater of Absolute Victory!

Can you see its glow? Can you feel its radiance? Behold...

It’s back!

Fedor faces Ishii on New Year’s Eve at “DREAM: New Year! 2011” (Genki Desu Ka!) which will air LIVE on HDNet at 1 a.m. ET/PT.

For those who don’t know the history of “the sweater“, well, you should do some research.

Let’s just put it this way… the significance is such that the background wallpaper on a certain well-known MMA site once carried the exact same design as The Glorious Sweater of Absolute Victory.

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