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One of MMA’s most recognized personalities dishes on love and the male psyche in “Ask Trigg – A Dating and Relationship Blog for Women” featured exclusively on ProMMANow.com (www.prommanow.com). Every Wednesday the mixed martial arts fighter, color commentator and MMA spokesman will give his advice to female fans based on questions they have submitted. 

In this entertaining and insightful blog, Trigg will share stories and reflect on love lessons he has learned as he guides readers through the complex world of dating and relationships. Frank Trigg has dated over 300 women and was married twice before finding “The One.” He married his high school sweetheart, his college sweetheart and is now happily married to the true love of his life. 

Trigg has learned many valuable lessons as a result of his relationship experiences and for years has been the “go-to guy” for relationship advice among his friends and peers. Trigg would now like to share his insight with fans and hopes to help the ladies better understand men. Ladies can send their dating and relationship questions to [email protected].

Question of the Week:

“I am a 25 year old Christian woman and I also happen to be a virgin. I plan on waiting until marriage to have sex. How do I let a guy know this and how soon should I tell him?”

In my opinion, this is a conversation that you should have within the first three dates. During the first date you should talk to him about your values and see if his values are in line with yours. You should be able to tell pretty quickly whether they are or not. If not, you don’t even have to address the sex issue, because it doesn’t make sense to even go on a second date.

If the first date leads to a second date, you need to be honest with him and tell him early on. You need to be up front with him. If he shares your values then he will respect that you want to wait until marriage to have sex. If he reacts badly then move on, he’s obviously not the right one for you.

There are plenty of other things that you can do before marriage (outside of physically having sex) and that is something that you should discuss as well. Set boundaries up front. Let them know what you will and will not do. Decide where you’re going to draw the line physically.

Once you’ve drawn that line, relax and enjoy the things that you CAN do together. You have to figure out what feels right to you and go with it, just make sure that you make it very clear up front where you want to draw that line.

If you continue to meet guys that don’t react well to your decision, then you need to take a closer look at where you are meeting these guys. I went into detail about “finding Mr. Right” in a previous blog. You may want to check out that post as well.

That’s it for this week. Remember ladies, send your questions to [email protected].

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