Strikeforce: “Melendez vs. Masvidal” thoughts and commentary

The Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Masvidal event took place this past weekend and I just wanted to touch base on a couple of things I observed from the event. It was a solid event on paper and I thought was a solid event overall I thought. Let’s get to the event:

  • I thought Gilbert Melendez would win the fight against Jorge Masvidal, but I thought the fight would go a little differently. I thought Melendez would mix in his wrestling better than he did, but I suppose he felt comfortable striking with Masvidal and just kept it there to try and highlight that aspect of his game. I wasn’t too impressed with Melendez, but some of that is probably attributed to Masvidal being difficult to hit. I have no idea what Masvidal was doing in there. When did it become smart to get hit in the face and then try to let your opponent think it didn’t hurt over and over? Melendez won convincingly, but it wasn’t the dominant performance a lot of people think he is capable of. Some people have him as the #1 lightweight in the world but I just don’t see it. He’s probably top five though.
  • Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos is the baddest female on the planet and no other woman wants any part of what she brings to the cage. It’s an absolute crime that she was forced to waste over a year of her career because of politics in the sport. She’s a star if Strikeforce promoted her as such as evidence of the live crowds going wild every time she fights. She’s the champ at featherweight(145lbs) and she shouldn’t be forced to drop weight classes just to find opponents to fight. Nobody said anything when Cain Velasquez was giving up over 40 pounds to Brock Lesnar when they fought. If fighters like Ronda Rousey want to lay claim as the baddest female on the planet, they are going to have to beat Santos. Period.
  • I told you guys way back in April that Gegard Mousasi should move back to the middleweight division permanently, and his showing against a still very raw Ovince St. Preux as more proof that I was correct. He’s not going to beat any of the top guys at light heavyweight with his lack of wrestling and what appears to be lack of power at this weight.I thought it was a good learning experience for OSP, and he should be a better fighter going forward.

I have no idea who Strikeforce is going to find for Melendez to fight next. They moved all of their champions over to the UFC except for him and new middleweight champion Luke Rockhold. I think Melendez has earned the right to fight top competition consistently and that’s not going to happen while he’s in Strikeforce. I’d move him over to the UFC and have him face Gray Maynard with a guaranteed title shot if he won.

Strikeforce needs to get behind Cyborg Santos with the quickness. It doesn’t even matter who they match her up with because people will tune in just to see how fast she’ll win. Just keep her busy until Rousey is ready to make that leap, and then they can book that fight and let it be the main event.

What are your thoughts on Melendez and Santos?

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