For the past several years, the Maximum Fighting Championship has welcomed the holiday season with the Z-Files’ MFC year-end awards, generally focusing on the Top 10 Knockouts and Submissions.

This year, the awards return but with a few new twists. While the “Top” aspect is back for Knockouts, Submissions and Fights of the Year, the Z-Files has added a handful of one-off honors – tributes to individual fighters for making the 2011 memorable in one way or another.

Round 1 features the Top Submissions of the Year, and some of the new awards. Past winners of the MFC Submission of the Year are Jay Whitford, Ryan Machan, and last year’s top dog, Douglas Lima, while past honored nominees include John Alessio, Bobby Lashley, Roger Hollett, and David Heath.

Here are the MFC’s Top Submissions for 2011:

5. Andreas Spang def. Cody Krahn (MFC 30) – The noted striker Spang faced the well-documented submission specialist Krahn, but it was a complete reversal of game plans. Spang got Krahn in a guillotine choke, briefly let it go only to re-establish the lock, and ultimately forced a stunning tapout only 1:18 into the fight. The result earned Spang the Submission of the Night. See Spang’s surprising result at

4. Cody Krahn def. Ryan Chiappe (MFC 31) – Quite the turn of events for Krahn, who was again facing a hard-edged striker in Chiappe. It was all Chiappe early on, including some vicious ground-and-pound which very nearly brought a quick halt to the bout. But Krahn’s smooth transitioning, especially his quick scoot out the back door, turned the tide as did Krahn’s ability to capitalize on mistakes. At 3:45 of Round 1, Krahn was able to secure the fight-ending guillotine. Get a get glimpse of the finish at

3. Kajan Johnson def. Richie Whitson (MFC 31) – This wasn’t just a great submission from the slick-working Johnson, but a clear definition of how a wizardly jiu-jitsu demonstration can dominate a fight. Johnson was all over Whitson from the get-go, taking his back repeatedly and grinding away towards the finish. With hooks in and full control established, Johnson torqued a rear-naked choke that squeezed what remaining will there was right out of Whitson. The fight-ending finish, and the Submission of the Night award, were both locked up at 3:52 of Round 1. All the action is at

2. Pete Spratt def. Demi Deeds (MFC 29) – A previous winner of the MFC Knockout the Year, it seemed more likely that Spratt would have another shot at that award in facing the newcomer Deeds. But the crowd at Caesars Windsor and on HDNet were delightfully surprised when one of the MMA’s most vicious strikers, who had started to break down and punish Deeds with his fistic arsenal, seized the opportunity to end the fight with an armbar. It was textbook execution from Spratt who forced Deeds to tapout at the 4:19 mark of Round 2. Check out the whole fight at

And the MFC’s 2011 Submission of the Year goes to …

  1. Drew Fickett def. Matt Veach (MFC 28) – In the year’s first event, submission specialist Fickett made his organizational debut. It was short-lived yet spectacular experience, and the performance was evidence that there are few fighters in the world who work better off their back than “The Night Rider.” Fickett needed just 36 seconds to secure an armbar win over the larger Veach who despite the size advantage barely was able to get his feet wet before he was forced to bow out. It was MFC 28’s Submission of the Night, and ultimately, the year’s best tapout finish. Check out just how terrific Fickett’s work was at

Best Defense of Hometown Pride Award:

Ali Mokdad def. Andreas Spang (MFC 29) – It was only fitting that for the MFC’s first venture into Ontario that a fighter ready to hit the big stage in his own home town come up big. Windsor’s own Mokdad did just that when he took down the striker from Sweden and secured a dominant rear-naked choke that brought the fight to an end only 1:35 in. “The Monster” delighted his fervent followers who put forth quite the roar of approval inside The Colosseum.

Best Hometown Invader Award:

David Bo Harris def. Chuck Mady (MFC 29) – A border was in store when Windsor’s Mady attempted to fend off the advances of the Detroit-based Harris. But it wasn’t to be … in a big way. Harris executed his own game plan to perfection as he avoided Mady’s strikes, took down his opponent, and locked up the rear-naked choke 3:07 into Round 1.

Controversy of the Year Award:

“Headbutt Gate” (MFC 28) – Was it or wasn’t it? It’s an argument that still rages to this day whether Ryan Jimmo used a headbutt to get a dramatic advantage over Dwayne Lewis in their MFC light-heavyweight title fight. Lewis’s face was mangled by the contact (be it head or fist), and it led to a doctor’s stoppage TKO win for Jimmo. Lewis’s corner was enraged, and the heated opinions carried on when Jimmo debated HDNet Fights analyst Frank Trigg prior to MFC 29.

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