“Kountermove” Fantasy MMA Movement Gains Momentum

San Francisco, CA. – December 15, 2011 – The Kountermove Fantasy MMA movement has gained some serious momentum in the MMA community. The site, Kountermove.com, backed in part by UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture, gives members the opportunity to test their MMA knowledge and prediction skills against other fans for the chance to win a designated prize pool of real money. It is the first and only MMA fantasy site where fans can win real money prizes.

According to Aaron Ard, founder of Kountermove, “We hope that Kountermove is lots of fun for MMA fans, and that it helps fans discover and really connect with fighters, especially up-and-coming fighters.

Kountermove’s fantasy MMA games work very similar to fantasy football. Members draft a team of fighters and compete with that team against other Kountermove players in their game. Members have a $25,000 “salary cap” when drafting their fantasy team of fighters, each fighter has a “salary” designated by Kountermove. Members choose from fee or entry fee games of varying sizes.

Winners and losers are then determined by fantasy points based on each fighter’s performance – strikes landed, submission attempts, knockdowns, dominant positions, rounds won, and knockout or submission bonuses.

The place winners in each game are determined by total fantasy points earned by their team of fighters during the event. Each game is based on stats, not over all wins like a simple pick’em game, therefore even if a fighter on a member’s fantasy team loses; it is still possible for that member to win the game.

All entry fees are added into a prize pool that is divided among the league’s winners at the end of the game. After each event, Kountermove updates game results by listing the points members received for that event, the rankings, and prize pool winnings.

The Kountermove scoring system:
–  Significant Strikes Landed: .5 points each

–  Takedown or Reversal: 2 points each

–  Submission Attempts: 3 points each

–  Knockdowns: 3 points each

–  Dominant Position: 2 points each

–  Victory by Knockout, Submission, DQ, or other: 100 points (1st Round); 75 points (2nd Round); 50 points (3rd, 4th, or 5th Round)


The numbers from UFC 140 demonstrate that Kountermove’s Fantasy MMA movement is definitely gaining traction in the MMA community. Over 1,500 players entered Kountermove games this weekend- four times as many players as the Kountermove fantasy MMA tournaments played for UFC 139.

Kountermove awarded over $4,500 in cash prizes to winning players over the UFC 140 weekend. Randy “The Natural” Couture even joined in on the tournament play and ranked a respectable 16th in a 50 player Kountermove Fantasy MMA tournament sponsored by MMA H.E.A.T.


To find out how they do the “math” at Kountermove, check out the latest ‘Kountermove Math Class‘ video here: http://youtu.be/Zsnjs8g6itY To get tips from a hot math teacher on how to draft YOUR Kountermove Fantasy MMA Team visit: http://youtu.be/2-T9OjWB2ZQ.

Join the Kountermove movement at www.kountermove.com. Learn more about How It Works on the Kountermove website as well.

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