TUF 8 finalist Phillipe Nover is back with another “how-to drain bloody puss out of your body video”. It seems just like yesterday “The Filipino Assassin” was sticking needles in his ear to show us the proper way to drain cauliflower ear. But this time the 27-year-old Brooklynite is working on his elbow.

Nover suffered some swelling in his elbow after banging it up side the head of Marcin Held at Bellator 59 last month. After the swelling failed to go down, Nover pulled out some of his male nurse utensils to show the proper way to drain what basically amounts to cauliflower elbow.

He says it is also similar to bursitis except one of the symptoms of bursitis is pain and there was no pain with the elbow (at least not on his end). Do not try this at home kiddies — Nover is a registered nurse and you are not.

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