M-1 Challenge 30 LIVE results and play-by-play

M-1 Challenge 30 takes place this evening at The Hangar in Costa Mesa, Calif., and features a welterweight championship match-up between Shamil Zavurov and Yasubey Enomoto in the main event. M-1 Challenge 30 airs LIVE on Showtime starting at 11 p.m. ET. ProMMAnow.com (www.prommanow.com) will provide LIVE results and play-by-play commentary throughout the event.

M-1 Challenge 30 quick results:

  • (170 Title) Yasubey Enomoto def. Shamil Zavurov by submission (Guillotine Choke) Rd 5 (4:10)
  • Alexander Sarnavskiy def. Sergio Cortez by submission (rear naked choke) Rd 1 (1:46)
  • Artiom Damkovsky def. Jose Figueroa by knockout (Superman Punch) Rd 1 (2:19)
  • Tyson Jeffries def. Eddie Arizmendi by submission (guillotine choke) Rd 2 (2:08)
  • Bao Quach def. Alvin Cacdac by submission (armbar) Rd 1 (3:33)

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M-1 Challenge 30 play-by-play:

(145) Alvin Cacdac vs. Bao Quach

Round 1 –  Touch gloves. Quach with a leg kick, eats a counter right. Leg kick from Quach. They slug it out before Quach puts him on his back with a double leg, lands in north-south position. Now in side control on top. Knee to belly, mounts, Cacdac escapes to his feet. Pushes Quach to the corner. Ref warns Quach for strikes to the back of the head. They separate to the center. Jab from Cacdac. They swing it out with big heavy punches. Cacdac gets the better of the exchange but Quach comes back with a head kick. They scramble, Goes back to the ground where Quach sinks a north-south choke. Cacdac escapes, but gets mounted. Quach goes for an armbar after landing a few punches, switches to a triangle, beautiful transition and Cacdac taps out. Very entertaining fight.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Bao Quach def. Alvin Cacdac by submission (armbar) Rd 1 (3:33)

(185) Eddie Arizmendi vs. Tyson Jeffries

Round 1 – Jeffries goes for the takedown and puts Arizmendi down with a trip. Now inside full guard, closed. Throws a big left from the top. Right to the body and head, postures up. Arizmendi with punches from the bottom to Jeffries’ face. Jeffries postures up with punches to the body and face. Hammerfists from Arizmendi off his back, nice power too. Jeffries postures up with more punches, not able to land anything significant. Arizmendi slides under the rope and the ref moves them back into the ring. Body, body head shots from Jeffries. Arizmendi still staying busy off his back. Jeffries postures up again with punches, but nothing really solid lands. Ref stands them up. Front kick from Arizmendi, eats a right left. Leg kick from Arizmendi, then a lead uppercut. Jeffries shoots, stuffed. Arizmendi slips a right. Swings wildly and misses. Knee to the body, shoots, stuffed. PMN scores the round 10-9 Jeffries.

Round 2 – Jeffries gets a takedown early, ends up sinking in a guillotine choke and Arizmendi taps out.

OFFICIAL RESULT:  Tyson Jeffries def. Eddie Arizmendi by submission (guillotine choke) Rd 2 (2:08)

(155  catchweight) Alexander Sarnavskiy vs. Sergio Cortez

Round 1 – Cortez puts Sarnavskiy on his back early. Sarnavskiy goes for a kimura and uses it to sweep, takes Cortez’s back, they scramble as Cortez turtles up. Sarnavskiy takes his back again, locks in the rear naked choke and this fight is over. It should be noted Cortez took this fight on one day’s notice.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Alexander Sarnavskiy def. Sergio Cortez by submission (rear naked choke) Rd 1 (1:46)

(155) Artiom Damkovsky vs. Jose Figueroa

Round 1 – Figueroa shoots and is shoved off. Inside leg kick from Damkovsky. Leg kick from Damkovsky, high kick, blocked. Left hook, misses, misses a right hook. Figueroa shoots, stuffed. Feints from Damkovsky, lands a left. Figueroa lands a kick and a overhand right. He blocks a hard left. Misses a leg kick. Damkovsky lands a nice hard left hook, then a light body kick. Awesome Superman punch out of nowhere by Damkovsky, one shot KO, and Jose Figueroa gets lamped. Beautiful. Damkovsky seems to be having some trouble with his jaw after the fight and is having the doctor look at it.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Artiom Damkovsky def. Jose Figueroa by knockout (Superman Punch) Rd 1 (2:19)

(170 Title) Shamil Zavurov (c) vs. Yasubey Enomoto

Round 1 – Touch gloves. Enomoto with a jab, left hook. Leg kick from Zavurov. Enomoto misses an overhand right. Leg kick from Zavurov., misses an overhand right. Inside leg kick, outside leg kick, swings and lands a couple shots, shoots, stuffed. Enomoto shoots, stuffed. Leg kick from Enomoto. They slug it out in the pocket, then back up, Enomoto just misses a spinning back kick. Zavurov lands a big leg kick that buckles the leg. Left jab from Zavurov. Big overhand right from Enomoto puts Zavurov on his butt. Enomoto lets him up.Jab from Zavurov. Enomoto misses a kick. Leg kick from Zavurov. Right hand from Enomoto. They both miss with punches. Inside leg kick from Zavurov. Leg kick from Zavurov. Left from Enomoto. They both miss with punches. Jab from Enomoto. Fakes an uppercut. High kick. Right hand. Jab. Several uppercuts from Enomoto while holding the back of Zavurov’s head. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Enomoto.

Round 2 – Touch gloves. Body kick from Enomoto. Big big leg kick from Zavurov, followed by a combo. Leg kick from Enomoto. Nice right from Zavurov and Enomoto appears to have gotten poked in the eye. Ref gives a brief time out unofficially. Left right from Enomoto. Leg kick from Zavurov. Big leg kick from Zavurov. Overhand right from Enomoto. They swing for the fences and just miss. Inside leg kick from Enomoto. Enomoto checks a leg kick. Zavurov shoots, stuffed. Overhand right from Enomoto. Zavurov shoots for a single, lifts the leg up and eats several punches, puts Enomoto down but gets caught in a triangle, Zavurov pulls out and has side control. He postures up with punches. Enomoto’s head resting on the bottom rope. Zavurov stacking Enomoto in the corner of the ring. Lays down inside his guard, body shots from Zavurov. Enomoto using good defense off his back. Ref stands them up. Thirty seconds to go. Zavurov shoots for a single. Enomoto  goes for a keylock as Zavurov punches his ribs. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Zavurov.

Round 3 – They trade punches. Counter right from Zavurov. Ref halts the action to cut some loose tape off Enomoto’s glove. Restarts them. Leg kick from Zavurov. Jab, followed by a nice right from Zavurov. Enomoto lands a right in return. Body kick from Enomoto scores. Inside leg kick from Zavurov. Left from Enomoto. Nice jab from Enomoto. Another jab. He flashes an uppercut right, lands a left. Nice solid left from Zavurov. Left overhand from Zavurov, shoots for a single. Enomoto sprawls and pounds the ribs of Zavurov with one minute to go. Zavurov switches to a double and scoops Enomoto’s legs out from under him putting him on his back. Zavurov inside full guard pounding the ribs and body of Enomoto. Left punches to the face, tied up in the ropes with 10 seconds to go. Ref stands them up but time is out. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Zavurov.

Round 4 – Left jab from Enomoto. Left jab from Enomoto, again. One two, misses. Liver kick from Enomoto smacks loudly. Body shots from Enomoto. Left hand from Zavurov counters a body kick attempt. Zavurov shoots and puts Enomoto on his back. Enomoto punching off his back, pushes Zavurov off with his feet. And stands up. Right to the body from Enomoto. Zavurov looking maybe a bit tired. Dropping his hands some. Zavurov shoots, stuffed, Enomoto locks on a guillotine, they flip over and Zavurov is free and back to his feet. He shoots, sprawl from Enomoto. Zavurov puts him down and punches the body as Enomoto looks for an arm. One minute to go. Zavurov in half guard. Enomoto gets to his feet and puts Zavurov down on his back. Enomoto looks tired now. He postures up with a punch but time is out as the ref starts to stand them up. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Zavurov.

Round 5 – Touch gloves. Jab from Enomoto. Right from Enomoto. Zavurov shoots, stuffed, knee to the face from Enomoto, then a right hand. Zavurov shoots, stuffed. Left jab on the chin from Enomoto. Zavurov shoots, pushes Enomoto to the ropes. Both guys are tired. Jab from Enomoto. Zavurov shoots, stuffed. Back to the feet. Nice left from Enomoto, Zavurov shoots, stuffed. Back to the feet as they square off and exhausted. Zavurov shoots, Enomoto sprawls, goes out the ropes. Ref restarts them. Zavurov shoots, stuffed. Jab from Enomoto. They are moving like heavyweights. Super heavyweights. Zavurov shoots, stuffed. They exchange punches but nothing on them. Zavurov getting desperate, shoots, stuffed. Shooting way too far from the outside with no set up. Right hand from Enomoto, Zavurov shoots. Enomoto locks on a guillotine with less than a minute left in the round and Zavurov is forced to tap or nap. For the first time in his career Zavurov has been stopped. Enomoto takes the title. Zavurov literally shot about 20 times this last round and just got tired and sloppy. Beautiful finish by Enomoto, locked him up nicely.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Yasubey Enomoto def. Shamil Zavurov by submission (Guillotine Choke) Rd 5 (4:10)

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