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Cradle to grave would impose constant direction and correction. Freedom allows for misdirection, thus learned discipline. As I sat motionless in front of Den Dee’s this Saturday night, I was grateful for my discipline and hence ability to maintain faithful work.

My work is my life and thus my life is free to work. Every creature has a passion and only wants to work that passion out. Oversight of work diminishes productivity, alleviates innovation and demonizes passion. Life lived by the passionate is disciplined, respectful and innovative. Have we lost our passion or are we underworked?

I have always enjoyed work. From the time I was a young boy I have been searching for ways to do work and receive praise. Money has never been important to me. I figure that’s why I have always had some. I have done in life what I wanted to do since I was very young. Things were not always provided and if I wanted something of perceived value, it was up to me to earn it.

What is work? Webster’s Dictionary defines it as: effort exerted to do something.

As I lay on my back following my third failed takedown defense, only one voice could be heard in that large, loud, televised arena. I have known that voice since I was that young boy in Maryville. It was Annie Lou, my sister.

We have different fathers, but since she never knew hers, we both took after our mom. We drink whisky straight. But we only do that after working hard with our neighbors daily.

She was so proud of her little brother that she mustered every ounce of intellectualism the Lord could decry to her at that precise moment and shouted, “Do something!” Multiple elbow strikes later, that boy went to work on my leg and I was forced to do something. The something I did is never a pleasant part of work, but a necessary discipline.

Misdirection is perceived as failure, but is a necessary component to success. The key is, to not get stuck on failure.
I have been busy at something my entire life. I will try anything if it puts me to work and I earn discipline.

Perception is my own, thus I have never heard anything but praise for my work. That’s not to say it’s not out there, but I’ve been too busy working out my passion. It takes a lot of work to solve a problem, and there are plenty out there, so do something. Criticism is a negative distraction, so be passionate about your work.

I saw two fellas leave it all in the cage on Saturday night at Throwdown in C-town. Their only reward was the pleasure of work because amateurs fight for free. Raymond Brashears and Steven Bowman went to a three-round decision for the sake of entertaining their neighbors and themselves.

I was out of my chair with the locals, ringside. Jessica was not allowed admittance to Voodoo Lounge at Harrah’s Kansas City, per regulations, despite having identification that verified her to be 32 with three children and no record.

Andy Fleming got a taste of the big show, with his first round KO loss to elite amateur, Chad Williams. Our team was well represented. Work ain’t monetary. Thump a stranger.

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