Tachi Palace Fights 11 LIVE results, play-by-play

LEMOORE, Calif. — “Tachi Palace Fights 11: Redemption” takes place this evening at Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino in Lemoore, Calif. Isaac DeJesus and Georgi Karakhanyan will compete for the Tachi Place Fights Featherweight Title in the night’s main event, and Cody Gibson will take on Ulysses Gomez for the Tachi Palace Fights Bantamweight Title in the co-main event.

ProMMAnow.com (www.prommanow.com) will provide LIVE results and play-by-play commentary of all the action starting at 8:30 p.m. ET (5:30 p.m. PT).

Fight fans can now watch the Tachi Palace Fights 11 fight videos.

TPF 11 quick results:

  • Georgi Karakhanyan def. Isaac DeJesus by submission (triangle choke) Rd 1 (4:02)
  • Ulysses Gomez def. Cody Gibson by submission (guillotine) Rd 3 (2:43)
  • Dustin Ortiz def. Josh Rave by TKO (doctor stoppage) Rd 3 (4:38)
  • Phil Collins def. Andrew Martinez by submission (guillotine) Rd 1 (0:49)
  • Francisco Rivera def. Brad McDonald by KO (punch) Rd 1 (0:40)
  • Savant Young def. Robert Washington by submission (guillotine) Rd 2 (2:41)
  • Bubba Jenkins def. Josh Williams by submission (strikes) Rd 1 (2:04)
  • Anthony Figueroa def. Paul Ruiz by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Jesse Bowen def. Sergio Quinones by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
  • Edgar Diaz def. Alex Perez by submission (guillotine) Rd 1 (0:43)
  • Javier Ayala def. Freddie Aquitania by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

TPF 11 play-by-play:

Freddie Aquitania vs. Javier Ayala

Round 1 – Javier comes forward throwing, then clinches. Freddie gets the slam and starts to go to work. Javier scrambles and gets back to his feet. Nice kick from Javier. To the clinch now, Freddie is pressing Javier into the cage. He fires off a knee, and is looking for the takedown. So far Javier is defending nicely. More knees from Freddie. Freddie takes the center of the cage now after backing away. Big leg kick from Javier. Back to the clinch, and Freddie lands another nice knee to the body. He puts Javier on the cage again and lands with some dirty boxing in close. Javier scores with a short elbow. Big knee from Freddie again. Javier has had enough of laying on the cage. He pushes off, then closes and gets a late takedown. End of round. Round 1 goes to Freddie.

Round 2 – Head kick attempt from Javier is blocked by Freddie. Javier is looking to be more aggressive this round, but Freddie clinches and puts him back on the cage again. Freddie backs off and takes the center of the cage. Javier lands another kick. His kicks are scoring, he’s just not throwing enough of them. Freddie again puts Javier on the cage. Short right hands from Freddie in the clinch. They break again for a mouthpiece falling out. Nice uppercut and right hand from Javier after the restart. Another head kick for Javier grazes Freddie. Superman punch from Javier, he’s coming on now. Freddie lands a right hand, clinches and pushes Javier into the cage again. Freddie gets double underhooks but gives it up without trying for the throw or trip. Back to the clinch. End of round. Javier takes Round 2.

Round 3 – I have it even after two. This Round could determine who stays undefeated. Javier fires off a flurry of straight punches, and rocks Freddie with a right hand. Freddie goes back to the clinch, but Javier fights it off and creates space. Freddie gets double unders again, and puts Javier’s back on the cage. He’s scoring with dirty boxing now. Close round now. They break again. Big leg kick from Javier. Freddie counters it with a right hand. Javier comes forward and feints his jab, then eats a big right hand. Javier scored at the same time with a right of his own. Javier lands to the body with the kick and then leans in with a right hand. Freddie fires off a big overhand right. Freddie is staying busier now. He lands two jabs and a right hand. Javier fires off a three-punch combo that lands cleanly. Freddie clinches, puts Javier on the cage and throws a big knee to the body. Javier pushes off and they exchange as the bell sounds. Very close round. I give it to Freddie 10-9, and the fight overall to him as well, 29-28.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Javier Ayala def. Freddie Aquitania by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Alex Perez vs. Edgar Diaz

Round 1 – The fighters fly into the center of the cage swinging. Nice jab from Alex, then he changes levels but gets caught in a guillotine. Edgar pulls guard looking to end it with the choke, while Alex is still standing for the moment. They hit the mat and the submission looks very tight. Edgar adjusts his grip and the tap comes.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Edgar Diaz def. Alex Perez by submission (guillotine) Rd 1 (0:43)

Sergio Quinones vs. Jesse Bowen

Round 1 – Leg kick to start from Sergio. Jesse feints the right hand, then scores with a right hand. He follows up with a nice left hand as well. To the body from Sergio. Jesse lands a lead right hand. Sergio moves to the side and scores with a right. Jesse comes forward with a flurry. Sergio changes levels and puts him on his back. Jesse working a very high guard. Sergio recognizes the danger and postures up, then delivers some ground-and-pound. Jesse is staying very busy from his back. He swings his hips and gets a very tight triangle. Sergio is in trouble. Sergio looks to slip out, but Jesse re-adjusts and keeps control of the submission. He switches to an armbar now. I have to give that to Jesse for the work he did from his back.

Round 2 – Jesse comes forward, and Sergio clinches then gets a quick takedown. Jesse is right back on his feet. Back to the mat now. Sergio is keeping top control and delivering some punches from the top now. Jesse is winning the round from the top now. Jesse scrambles and gets to his feet then scores with a nice right hook. Sergio looks hurt, then shoots and gets the take down. Jesse makes his way to his feet again then lands a crushing left hook. He puts together a combo, then a knee. Close round. Will the takedowns give the round to Sergio? I think so. ProMMAnow.com scores Round 2 for Sergio.

Round 3 – Nice jab from both guys. Big right hand from Jesse. Sergio scores with a right hand. Jesse is coming forward and throws a big combination. Jesse scores with a straight right hand that staggers Sergio. He tags him again, and Sergio almost falls into the takedown. Jesse is giving up the takedowns too easily and it may cost him. Sergio throws a couple of hammerfists from the top. Jesse scrambles and gets back to his feet. He throws a wild right hand and Sergio grabs a leg and looks for the single. He’s still working for a takedown. Jesse’s down for a moment, but he gets back up once again. Sergio eats a right hand then gets another takedown. Jesse lands another punch, and gets put on his back again. He swings his hips and locks up a tight triangle again. Sergio postures up and rides out the round on top. Round 3 goes to Jesse. ProMMAnow.com scores the bout 29-28 for Jesse Bowen.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jesse Bowen def. Sergio Quinones by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Paul Ruiz vs. Anthony Figueroa

Round 1 – Paul flashes his jab to start. Anthony lands a kick. Paul’s jab looks good to start. Kicks by both guys now. Lots of feints as the fighters feel each other out early. More jabs from Paul. Anthony comes forward with a one-two combo. Lead left hook from Paul. Good exchange in the center of the cage. Paul leans in and halfway shoots then backs out. Snapping jab from Paul. Anthony is staying patient. He comes forward and fires off a nice flurry. Overhand right from him now just misses. Anthony is starting to open it up now. Paul has yet to fully commit to a shot and isn’t doing much other then landing his jab. Nice knee in the clinch. Anthony scores with the left hand. Paul closes the distance, and Anthony goes up the middle with two uppercuts. Round 1 goes to Anthony Figueroa.

Round 2 – Lots of feinting from both guys. Overhand right from Anthony. Paul scores with a straight punch. Paul finally throws a one-two combo, instead of just sticking his jab out there. Anthony comes back with a nice lead left hand. Leg kicks from Paul. Back to the jab now. He’s one and done for the most part. Anthony steps in for another jab, then follows up with his right hand. Paul leans in and looks for the takedown, but Anthony shrugs him off. Nice exchange in close after the attempt. Anthony scores with a left uppercut-right hand combination. Paul is still jabbing but not following up with anything of substance. Anthony is coming on now. Nice jab-right hand. He keeps coming forward and throws another combination. Paul switches stances, the switches back. Not sure if he wanted to shoot with his right leg forward or not. End of Round 2. Round 2 goes to Anthony also.

Round 3 – Touch of gloves before the final round. More jabs from Paul. His corner is telling him to get in there and take this round. Nice switch kick from Paul. Right hand to the body from Paul. Anthony is being way to patient. Lots of feinting from Paul as we’ve seen the whole fight. Left hook from Paul. Anthony lands one of his own. Anthony beats Paul to the punch in that exchange. Paul with a nice jab, but again, he’s not following up with the right hand. Phil Baroni just said the same thing, questioning what he’s trying to set up with the jab and nothing behind it. Paul shoots but it’s not even close. It doesn’t look like he’s going to get a takedown in this one. Paul throws a looping right hand that Anthony easily avoids. Anthony doubles up with the left hook. Under two minutes to go now. Big counter punches from Anthony off the right hand of Paul. To the body now. Lead left hook from Anthony. He lands a three-punch combo now. He’s winning the round pretty easily on my card. Jab from both guys. Paul uncorks a looping right hand again that misses. Anthony lands with a straight left hand. Another left hook, and that’s the end of the round. Round 3 goes to Anthony as well. I have it 30-27 for Anthony Figueroa.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Anthony Figueroa def. Paul Ruiz by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Bubba Jenkins vs. Josh Williams

Round 1 – Bubba shoots right out of the gate. Big slam from Bubba. Josh transitions and goes for the guillotine. Bubba is out of trouble but has Josh draped on him. He jumps and rolls but still has Josh on his back. He’s shakes Josh off, then immediately shoots back in and puts Josh on his back. He moves to full mount easily. Josh scrambles but now has Bubba on his back. He flattens Josh out and lands some vicious right hands from the top. Josh is trying to defend but is mostly just covered up. Bubba is pretty high on the back of Josh, but he sits down and throws more right hands and Josh taps to the strikes. The highly anticipated Pro MMA debut is an impressive one for the 2011 national champion.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Bubba Jenkins def. Josh Williams by submission (strikes) Rd 1 (2:04)

Robert Washington vs. Savant Young

Round 1 – Robert lands a stinging kick to start. Savant feints his jab then lands his own kick. Another kick from Robert. Again. Inside leg kick from Savant. He then clinches and puts Robert into the cage. Savant fires off some knees, then goes to the body. He steps back and takes the center of the cage. Savant with a lead left hook. Robert leans in looking for a takedown, but he doesn’t commit. Savant presses forward and puts him on the cage. Short punches and elbows from Savant now. He fires off five or six short left hands to the body and head. Savant shoots but ends up on his back. Robert works the body with the right hand now. Savant works his hips free but Robert puts him flat on his back. Short elbows from the top now. Savant is leaning on the cage now and is trying to use it to stand. He does. Robert drops and gets the slam and finds himself in a guillotine. The slam frees his head and Robert is still on top grinding out short elbows. More elbows now. Round 1 goes to Robert.

Round 2 – Robert goes right back to his kick, this time with an inside leg kick. Both guys are feinting their jabs. Savant fires off a left hand, and Robert slips. It looked like he was hurt at first, but he’s ok. Robert fakes the right hand and kicks again. Savant catches Robert with a left hook, and Robert goes immediately to the clinch. He puts Savant on the cage now. He fakes changing levels, then lands a knee up the middle. More knees to the thighs. He drops for the single, and Savant locks up his crushing guillotine. Robert is in trouble. He fights it off initially, then taps.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Savant Young def. Robert Washington by submission (guillotine) Rd 2 (2:41)

Brad McDonald vs. Francisco Rivera

Round 1 – Brad lands a big kick to start. He comes back with the right hand. He is throwing some crazy spinning strikes now, and bouncing around with his hands down. Brad slips after going for a head kick, then scrambles to his feet and throws a short left hand that misses just as Francisco kicks and lands close to Brad’s head. Francisco follows up with a snapping left hand that hurts Brad, then a crushing right hand that puts him out. WOW! Francisco follows him to the mat and puts the finishing touches on a huge win for him by KO.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Francisco Rivera def. Brad McDonald by KO (punch) Rd 1 (0:40)

Andrew “Mickey D.” Martinez vs. Phil Collins

Round 1 – You can tell that Martinez likes McDonald’s just by looking at him, hence the nickname. Touch of gloves to start. Phil flashes his jab, then switches stances. Straight left hand from Phil. Right hand now. Back to orthodox for Phil. Looping left hand counter from Mickey. Phil is landing the cleaner strikes. Mickey lands a couple of kicks. Another two kicks. Phil just misses with a big overhand right. Mickey misses with the counter also. More stance changes from Phil. Mickey lands a nice left hand. Phil scores with a left hand right down the middle. Phil jabs, then changes levels and shoots. Phil ends up on his back. Mickey fires off a couple of right hands. Phil gets back to his feet, locks up the guillotine and pulls guard. The tap comes right away from “Mickey D.”

OFFICIAL RESULT: Phil Collins def. Andrew Martinez by submission (guillotine) Rd 1 (0:49)

Josh Rave vs. Dustin Ortiz

Round 1 – Dustin Ortiz has shed the fro and went with dreads. Josh comes forward throwing early, then takes the back of Dustin. Josh looking to get his hooks in now. Dustin is staying calm and fights off the back attack. Josh has him pressed into the cage now. He drops and is looking for the takedown. Dustin turns into him and fires off a knee up the middle. Knees from both guys. The referee stops the fight as Josh took one in the pills. Dustin with the leg kick after the restart. Josh leans in and eats an uppercut from Dustin. Josh goes upstairs with the kick that just misses. Inside leg kick from Dustin. More kicks from Dustin. Again. Josh misses with the right hand. Dustin to the body. Nice inside leg kick from Dustin. Josh lands a looping right hand from outside. He shoots but gets stuffed. He stays on Dustin and puts him on the cage. Dustin locks up a front headlock and goes for the choke. Josh gets a slam, but Dustin scrambles and takes the back. Dustin drags him to the ground and gets his hooks in. Josh is fighting off the rear-naked choke. Dustin is very high and gets shook off. Back to the center of the cage now. Close round. Big body kick from Dustin, then a left hand as Josh leans in. Dustin edges out Josh 10-9. Very, very close.

Round 2 – Josh scores first with the kick. Left hand from Josh. Dustin comes back with a kick that was close to the cup again. He staggers Josh with a right hand. May have been a slip. Big kick from Dustin. Dustin lands a clipping left hook, then shoots in for a takedown. Big knee in the clinch. He’s coming on now. Straight right hand from Dustin. Inside leg kick. Josh misses with a looping right hand. Leg kick by Dustin, counter right from Josh. Nice one-two from Dustin. Leg kick. He’s mixing it up nicely. Big kick to the body from Josh. Big knee from Josh up the middle. He catches Dustin and he’s down. Josh moves to full mount now. Dustin scrambles and gives up his back. Josh is very high and Dustin is trying to shake him off the top. He’s out and takes the back of Josh now. He throws a knee. It lands to the head it looks like. Josh is grounded and the ref warns Dustin. Josh goes to the clinch and Dustin fires up the middle with uppercuts. Big knee from Josh. Wow! Dustin finally gets his mouthpiece back in now. Josh lands a nice jab, then a leg kick. Big right hand from Dustin. Josh runs away and gets caught with a right hand. Big left hook from Dustin. He goes for the takedown and takes the back of Dustin. Dustin fires off some elbows, then turns into Josh. He’s on top going to the body. Round 2 goes to Dustin. After the bell, Josh remains seated on the mat.

Round 3 – This fight has been full of action. Lost the stream for a few moments. Dustin is on his back. He’s looking for a choke now. He kicks Josh off, but he’s still on his back. Dustin is now looking for a sweep. Dustin kicks off and stands back up. Dustin with the kick, and Josh lands a big right hand. Winging right hand from Josh. He looks exhausted. Dustin with a short jab, then right hand. Josh is throwing looping punches now. Inside leg kick. Straight right hand from Dustin. Huge body kick from Dustin. To the body now. Josh looks hurt. Dustin drops him with two big right hands. He’s on top landing big elbows to the body. He’s trying to finish it right here. Dustin has the full mount now. He continues to throw from the top. Josh looks to roll, and out of nowhere, the referee stops the fight. It turns out that the doctor actually advised the referee from outside the cage to stop the fight.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Dustin Ortiz def. Josh Rave by TKO (doctor stoppage) Rd 3 (4:38)

Cody Gibson vs. Ulysses Gomez

Round 1 – This is for bantamweight gold. Uly came out to Justin Bieber, and now I’m ready to go to the club and get my two-step on. Cody actually looks young enough to have went to school with “Biebs”. Cody lands inside with the kick after both guys throw jabs. Inside leck kick from Uly. Cody comes back with another kick, then lands a big right hook. Uly stays calm, ducks under a jab, and goes for the takedown. He has Cody on the mat for a moment, but Cody uses his wrestling to get back to his feet. He puts Uly on the cage and fires off some big knees from the clinch. More knees to the body. Cody backs off and takes the center of the cage. Jab from Cody. Uly shoots but gets stuffed. More knees from the clinch by Cody. Cody is landing at will so far. Cody looks huge next to Uly. He leans in and puts Gomez on the cage. Uly shoots, then pulls guard. Cody stands over him and launches a kicking assault. Uly gets to his feet. Cody goes back to the clinch and puts Gomez on the cage. Short elbow, then a right hand from Cody. Nice work. Uly shoots and grabs a leg. He ends up on his back, then scrambles to his feet. Cody takes Round 1 , 10-9.

Round 2 – Cody looks very confident after that round. Cody ducks and throws to the body. Kick from Uly. Cody clinches, and throws a knee. Right hand from Uly. Lead left hook from Cody. Overhand right. Uly shoots but gets stuffed. Cody throws Uly into the cage and is going to work in the clinch. Uppercut. Knee. He’s punishing Uly in the clinch. Uly fires back to the body. Nice stiff jab from Cody. He clinches and puts Uly into the cage again. Cody looks like he’s tiring a bit now. Inside leg kick from Uly. He ducks under and grabs a single. He can’t get the takedown and is now on the cage again. More knees to the body by Cody. Leg kick from Cody. Short right hook from Uly. Cody changes levels and Uly locks up a front guillotine and works Cody to the ground. He’s back up. Uly doubles up on his jab. Left hook from Cody with under a minute to go. Nice straight right hand from Uly and Cody looks hurt. He immediately clinches and puts Uly on the cage. Uly drops and gets the takedown at the bell. Cody takes Round 2 but looks exhausted.

Round 3 – Jab from both guys. Uly is coming forward now. Nice right hand from Uly. Double jab, Uly. Cody has slowed down tremendously. Right hand to the body from Cody. Cody shoots for a takedown and throws Uly to the mat. Cody kicks the legs, then Uly gets to his feet. Uly shoots from way outside and gets the takedown anyway. Cody is working a very high guard. Cody scrambles and tries to get a leg, but gives up his knee. They both get to their feet, and Cody lands a big knee. Cody then drops for a takedown and gives up his neck falling right into a guillotine. Just like that it’s over.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ulysses Gomez def. Cody Gibson by submission (guillotine) Rd 3 (2:43)

Isaac DeJesus vs. Georgi Karakhanyan

Round 1 – Featherweight title fight in the main event. Georgi scores first with the kick. Georgi lands a big head kick, and slips. Isaac comes back with a right hand and a leg kick. Georgi with the high kick again. It’s partially blocked. Isaac punches, then lands a blistering kick to the body. Damn. Georgi goes to the head again with a front kick. Inside leg kick by both guys. Isaac throws a right, and Georgi fires up the middle with a knee. To the clinch now. Isaac has his back on the cage. Georgi with the dirty boxing. Isaac gets a throw, and falls into an armbar. Isaac tapped! The ref didn’t see it. Georgi re-adjusts his grip and the arm is extended like crazy! Looks like another tap, the referee misses it again. Isaac survives stands over Georgi, and throws a big right hand. He dives into the guard. Georgi goes to the triangle and it looks tight. He taps, and Georgi holds it a little longer this time. He taps again, and it’s finally stopped. Amazingly, after the fight is stopped, Isaac is adamant that he didn’t tap, but was slapping the face of Karakhanyan. Wow…

OFFICIAL RESULT: Georgi Karakhanyan def. Isaac DeJesus by submission (triangle choke) Rd 1 (4:02)

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