(Tampa, FL) Fans of super heavyweight MMA are going to be in for a treat on December 2nd when Brandon Sayles takes on Imani Lee at the St. Pete Times Forum live on HDNet. With over 650 pounds in the cage at XFC ‘Tribute’, this fight will be the XFC’s version of Godzilla vs. King Kong.

Coming into XFC ‘Tribute’, Staff Sgt Brandon Sayles, a sniper qualified Army Scout, has a perfect 2-0 record. Standing in his way will be K-1 and DREAM veteran Imani Lee. Lee has a professional record of 8-3 as a boxer and has competed in kickboxing and MMA against some of the best fighters in the world.

“Imani will be the biggest test in my fighting career,” said Sayles. “I have a lot of respect for his standup and I don’t take him lightly. I heard he was a professional boxer before getting into K-1 and MMA, and he did very well so I have to respect that when we get in the cage. He’s looking to come in and take my head off. I believe I have good standup and if the fight stays on the feet I am confident I can hang with him. He may have a little more experience than me but if it goes to the ground and I get on top of him, experience goes out the window.”

Sayles has the credentials to back his claims. In fact, the 6’5’’ Hawaiian is a senior instructor at the U.S. Army hand to hand Combatives school. In addition to teaching other soldiers how to fight, Sayles held Army Combatives heavyweight titles in 2006, 2008 and 2009. The only reason he didn’t win it in 2007 was because he was deployed in Iraq and couldn’t compete.

“I’m very proud of those Combatives titles,” said Sayles. “I competed against some of the toughest men in the Army and came out on top. I know when I step into the cage I am representing my fellow soldiers and I want to make them proud. I may be a fighter but I will always be a soldier.”

XFC President John Prisco is very excited for Sayles vs. Lee at XFC ‘Tribute’. “This is our first ever super heavyweight fight. Imani has fought all over the world and has competed against some of the biggest names in our sport. Brandon is undefeated and has a very strong ground game. I don’t think this one goes to the judges.”

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