“Fight week” 

It’s fight week…

That seems like a common theme Tachi Palace Fights’ fans and fighters have been posting early this week on Facebook and Twitter.

What a fight it’s been too  – and we are only on Tuesday.

Finally (again) I can breathe a bit easy with a complete fight card. Someone knock on wood for me.

I feel like I should have slapped myself the last week or so for not booking Dustin Ortiz right away as a replacement for Ian McCall. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking honestly.

Ortiz is a guy that came in and went three rounds with McCall in May and was one of the most professional fighters I’ve worked with in a long, long time.

Nonetheless, we got that taken care of and he will take on Josh Rave in a flyweight super fight. We did end up moving Isaac DeJesus vs. Georgi Karakhanyan to the main event and Ulysses Gomez vs. Cody Gibson into the co-main event spots.

Last I blogged I was waiting on an answer from Darrell Montague, which never came to fruition. That story could take me all week to summarize and honestly some things are best left unsaid.

The last two days I’ve been scrambling to book some last-minute flights and track down late ticket money and late medicals.

At some point this lateness has to stop, I will have to put my foot down and make an example of someone or a group of fighters so that this does not continue.

Not sure why some of these fighters and managers don’t seem to understand that this game just isn’t about getting in the cage, but a lot of it has to do with your character outside the cage.

The focus on fight week should not be medicals and ticket money. At least not for me…

Fight week is always tough with the stress. I feel like I’m not a great father to my kids this week or a husband to my wife or even a great friend to those around me. I’m moody and frustrated and want everything perfect… it never ends up being that way.

And I always seem like I’m getting in knock-down drag-out fights on the home front.

Even as I sit here and pound away on these keys I have thousands of other things running through my mind – medicals, tickets, ticket money, production, streaming, advertising, hotel rooms, etc. etc.

None of which I guess in the grand scheme of things will last much longer than this week.

I wish I had a better way of dealing with all this stress and managed somehow to be a better person to those around me. A better father, husband and friend… not to mention a better “coordinator”.

Don’t they have some pills or something like that?

But really, as stressed as I am and as frustrated as I get this week, I still can’t wait for Friday. Right around 6 p.m. the stress and nerves are gone and I will find some little spot around the cage to stand and watch the fights.

I’m crossing my fingers the Sherdog stream gets off without a hitch and I will get to be a fan for a few hours and enjoy the sport I love.

I will try to catch up with you all again late this week maybe Thursday or Friday.

Make sure you guys check out the live stream on Sherdog.com.


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