Change is inevitable—except from vending machines. For two decades the Journal of Asian Martial Arts has been the leader in Martial Arts education and the journal continues to adapt to the flux in the economy, in advancing technology, and in the publishing field.

Currently the Journal of Asian Martial Arts is making changes within the editorial board, seeking members who are both highly skilled in combatives and have a solid scholarly foundation of the martial traditions.

A key catalyst for the journal will be their desire to help solicit manuscripts for possible publication in our periodical. A little effort on their part can result in improving the journal overall.

As the first change to the editorial board in some time, The Journal of Asian Martial Arts would like to heartfully welcome an individual very skilled in close quarter combat, Dr. Rhadi Ferguson, to the editorial board as an Associate Editor.

In 2006 Dr. Ferguson was USA Judo’s “Doc” Counsilman Award recipient due to his utilization of scientific techniques/equipment as an integral part of his coaching methods.

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson maintains one of the most comprehensive combat sports consulting programs in the nation, combining his vast knowledge of physiology and psychology to produce some of the top combat athletes in the United States.

Ferguson is best known for his creation of timed cycles for each of his athletes that result in peak performances. Ferguson also uses SWOT analysis, intricate dissection of taped footage for match strategy and extensive physiological testing in his coaching of top athletes.

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson has taken a very systematic and academic approach and has infused it with his coaching and business experiences and has made a huge impact in the world of martial arts.

Although his accolades are too numerous to list, he was a four-time national judo champion, former member of the U.S. Judo Olympic Team, the Head Coach of the Bahamian Judo Federation, the Assistant Coach on the 2009 USA Grappling World Championship team that won 4 World Championships and he has also coached the first Olympian for the Bahamas ever in the sport of Judo.

He has trained in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. Dr. Ferguson is an internationally renowned strength and conditioning coach and consultant working with many mixed martial arts and combat athletes.

He also has a winning record in mixed martial arts competitions. Combined with a doctorate in the field of education, Dr. Ferguson brings fresh input to the editorial board.

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson resides in Tampa, Florida and graduated from Howard University in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and then again in 2002 with a Masters of Arts of Teaching degree. Dr. Ferguson complete his PhD in Education from Capella University in 2009. He and his wife Dr. Traci Ferguson have two children. Rufus (5) and their daughter Rhadi (20 months).

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