BAMMA 8 marks the promotion’s biggest global push, following the announcement of a distribution deal with HD Net, and their latest card has a suitably continental feel to it.

In a lightweight title eliminator, TUF 9 finalist Andre Winner takes on dangerous Swedish veteran Diego Gonzalez in a fight that many are tipping to take fight of the night honours.

With a 14-5 record against top European competition and making his debut at 155lbs, Gonzalez represents an intriguing challenge for noted striker Winner. 

There can be little doubt that the UFC vet fighting in his home town will need to bring a great fight to Nottingham on December 10thif he is to have his hand raised.

Diego took the time to speak to us about his preparations for his BAMMA debut and his plans for the future.

Diego, firstly how excited are you to appear for the first time on BAMMA?

I’m really excited to be able to fight at a big show against a good opponent. His stand up is excellent and he is quick as hell. He may be a more technical boxer than me but I’ll find a solution for him.

You have a lot of experience and success at welterweight, what made you drop down a division and how easy a weight cut will it be for you?

It’s been in the plans for a while since it suits my frame more. I’ve been walking around lighter than ever so there won’t be any problems. 

Andre mentioned you sucker punched his team mate Dan Hardy many years ago, I believe the bout was eventually called a no contest; can you elaborate why?

That’s probably going to haunt me forever but it was just something that happened. I didn’t have any intention doing it. Just some kind of short circuit in my brain I guess. I’m not a dirty fighter.

How has your training been for this fight and who have you been working with?

I’ve been training well since the beginning of the summer so I’m in good shape. I fought in September and was back training the Monday after. There was no hesitation when BAMMA called. I’ve

been training with the same guys as always back home like Papy Abedi, Reza Madadi and some really good stand up guys.

 Where do you see this fight taking place, will it be a stand up war?

We will see. I come in with an open mind and see what happens. I just take one fight at the time and don’t focus on anything besides winning but I’m the type of fighter that doesn’t like to step backwards!

Thanks for the time and the best of luck. Finally, can we get a prediction for the fight 

All I can say is that I’m going to win!

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