“Diet is how I get ready for the fights” 

I have oatmeal and green tea on the mind this morning.

I’m not quite sure why, but for some strange reason two to three weeks before the fight my wife Lauren decides it is time to “trim” down and get ready to get into her swim suit. Not to mention the spray tans, eye lash extensions and nail appointments.

She spends more money getting ready for the fights than she makes, but hey it’s something she loves to do and it is her way of supporting me, so it means a lot to have her there.

I always try to explain, “Baby crash diets and a few weeks of working out just won’t get you the results”.

But you know how it goes with women, she does what she wants and somehow I end up following along like a puppy. Now I’m trying to slim down and workout.

Oh, if you missed the part that my wife is a Ring Girl… well now you know.

Hostility Clothing came through and sent all the girls some great gear last week that they’ve been sporting at promo appearances, etc.

I kind of let the wife worry about the ring girl stuff. Meanwhile, I’m focused on medicals this next week-and-a-half.

Our matchmaker Richard Goodman and I’m sure all the managers think I’m overly anal about having things turned in on time and early, but that’s just the way I like to operate. It’s the only way I know how to do things so that I’m comfortable if something goes wrong.

In the last week there have been some major changes to the fight card.

First things first, we found a replacement for Chris Huerta to fight NCAA National wrestling champ Bubba Jenkins. Clovis, Calif.’s Jason Williams will step in on short notice and take on the highly regarded wrestler from Arizona State.

Williams might not have the credentials of Jenkins, but he is certainly well-respected, especially in Central California where he wrestled for the famed Clovis High Cougars. He was a 3-time state placer, including two second place finishes.

I know, I know… this isn’t wrestling. But it shows that we are pitting two great athletes against each other in their pro MMA debuts. I think some people were worried that Jenkins would get a pass on his first few fights, but that’s not what him nor his camp want.

We ended up also scratching the Fabricio Camoes fight. It was a mutual decision with his manager Ed Soares and our camp.

The decision was made in large part due to the fact of how difficult it was in finding a suitable replacement that made sense for both parties. Camoes has his sights set on a high profile type of fight and we were having trouble securing that with just three weeks prior to the show.

Camoes will be back in 2012 if he doesn’t land another significant fight somewhere that propels him into the UFC.

With Camoes out we went to our list of fighters that we owe fights to and local favorite Brad McDonald was at the top of the list.

Much like Camoes, McDonald is looking for a step up in competition to help him get to the next level and we were lucky enough to find that quickly in Francisco Rivera, who I had become a bit of a fan of over the last few months.

This might be the fight of the night in my eyes, in fact I will say it now… THIS IS THE FIGHT OF THE NIGHT.

With the fight card complete – for now, knock on wood – I’ve been able to breathe a bit easier and focus on some other tasks that I had been neglecting.

It’s time to buckle down and get this show moving forward.


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