The Vidonic Chronicles: Fight Syndicate seminar

I want to start off by saying thanks to everyone for reading, liking, and sharing my stories.  Last weeks blog made it into USA Today’s Wednesdays Top Picks, once again!!  You all rock and I am glad you enjoy this.

The end of last week I trained and made sure we were ready to go to Casper, Wyo., on Friday.  When Mark got out of school Friday we loaded up in the Suburban and hit the road.  We were asked by Margaret Bloom, who owns Fight Syndicate to teach a two day seminar.

We collaborated with Margaret to see if there was any certain thing she wanted us to focus on, then built a curriculum around that.  It was 4 hours on both Saturday and Sunday; however, I stayed late on Saturday to roll and work with a young lady with huge potential!!

My husband, who is also my coach, and I work together as a team to spread our grappling and MMA knowledge to gyms anywhere.  If you are interested in having us come to your gym to do a seminar please contact us at to discuss all the details.

We are so proud of Mark, when we picked him up from school Friday he was grinning from ear to ear as he told us about his report card.  He made the Honor Roll with a 3.57 GPA.  We got him a new beanie on our way home from Casper.  He was checking it out at the gas station and he was stoked when we told him he could get it!

It’s a 4 hour drive from Billings to Casper; oh man, I slept good, woke up ready ot eat, shower and hit the gym.  So we did.  All the ladies form Fight Syndicate were ready to learn.  We went over some really great stuff, can’t wait to get invited to another gym.

Margaret, who owns Fight Syndicate, is a friend.  We met her when we got stuck in Casper over 4th of July weekend waiting for a time for our RV.  We contacted all the MMA gyms in the area, and Margaret got back to us.  So we went there to train for a few days.

That’s a great group of people right here, we made some good friends.  We stayed with another lady from the gym, Nancy and her family (who is also a friend), it was fun.  Saturday night we went to Sidelines to eat and watch the fights.

Sunday was daylight savings, so that made time fly all in itself.  Once we headed home it was almost 5 p.m., ugh… Long drive ahead.  We made it back right about 9 p.m..  When we left it was dry outside, and when we got back there was 4 maybe 5 inches of snow on our deck and stairs (which are private).  Brrrrr………

On Monday it was back to the grind and grocery store.  Plugging along, wishing I had a fight lined up… So, if you are a promoter, if you know a promoter who is looking to put an exciting female bout on their card? Hit me up  I am professional, I make weight, I have tact and I put people in the seats.

Just sayin……

I only have a short time left for donations for my 5K walk to benefit The St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital.  Please go to my donate page if you can afford $5, every little bit makes a difference. Thank you.

Oh, and if you are interested in bidding on my walk out shirt from my October 1st fight for BlackEye Promotion 5 Breast Cancer Beatdown in North Carolina?  I won this fight, RNC round 2, and received Fight of the Night.  Check it out!!

I want to thank Jack Bratcher and everyone with ( for your continued support of my career, I love writing these blogs!

Thank you to 4th Ave North Dojo (,This is where I train) Dan Proffit for opening his doors to us.  Clint and Katie, who have Alternative Athletics Cross Fit for everything they do as well as being super cool to share the gym with.  The environment is ego free, and full of positive hard-working energy.  Also check out Alternate Athletics Facebook fanpage!

Thanks to my coach/hubbs/manager, family, friends and fans for all of your continued love and support.  Thanks to all of my sponsors for what you help me with ~ Nutra Bio ~ Super Body Care ~ Damage Control Mouthguards ~ Failures No Option ~ Level Terrain Apparel ~ Thanks to MMAHQ for the Venom Vale Tudo Shorts and Clinch Gear Rash Guard!!

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XOXO Little Patricia
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“Little” Patricia Vidonic chronicled her journey to winning the Beatdown MMA women’s 110-pound title in her “Road to the Championship Blog”. Now that Patricia has achieved that goal, readers can follow The Vidonic Chronicles” each week as she continues her journey toward becoming the top 110 and 115-pound female MMA fighter in the world.

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