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One of MMA’s most recognized personality’s dishes on love and the male psyche in “Ask Trigg – A Dating and Relationship Blog for Women” featured exclusively on ProMMANow.com.

Every Wednesday the mixed martial arts fighter, color commentator and MMA spokesman will give his advice to female fans based on questions they have submitted.

In this entertaining and insightful blog, Trigg will share entertaining stories and reflect on love lessons he has learned as he guides readers through the complex world of dating and relationships.

Frank Trigg has dated over 300 women and was married twice before finding “The One”. He married his high school sweetheart, his college sweetheart and is now happily married to the true love of his life.

Trigg has learned many valuable lessons as a result of his relationship experiences and for years has been the go-to guy for relationship advice among his friends and peers.

Trigg would now like to share his insight with fans and hopes to help the ladies better understand men. Ladies can send their dating and relationship questions to [email protected].

Topic of the Week: How to Approach a Guy and Keep His Attention!

First off, welcome to my blog! In this first blog post I have chosen a popular topic that Women often ask me about. The topic I chose is “How to approach and strike up a conversation with a guy that you’re interested in”.

Going forward, the blog post topics will be based on questions submitted by the ladies. Ladies, please send your dating and relationship questions to [email protected].

How do you successfully approach a guy that you’re interested in?

When approaching a guy that interests you start off the conversation with a topic that is comfortable for you and ALWAYS state your name first.

It can be something as simple and straight forward as, “Hi, my name is Anna, I would really like to meet for coffee sometime.” It is an approach that is date-esque but not an actual date.

They will respect the fact that you let them know that you’re interested. It shows that you’re self-sufficient and independent. Men also love confident women.

If the guy you’re interested in frequents a bar or club that you go to, here is a great way to introduce yourself (especially if he is an “Alpha Male” – “Hi I’m Susan, I’ve seen you here a few times before and have wanted to meet you for a while now, but I had to work up the nerve to come talk to you first.”

You may think it sounds cheesy, but trust me it works. It worked with me.

Letting the guy know that you were nervous to come up and talk to them shows your vulnerability AND it gives the guy an ego boost.

Here’s another tip, when you go up to introduce yourself don’t be afraid to offer to buy him a drink. Why? It’s a classy move.  When I say drink, I mean a beer or whatever they are having, NOT a shot.

If you offer up shots the offer goes from classy to trashy, as they will automatically assume you’re a party girl. You don’t want that, because their mind set goes from, I want to get to know her, to I want to sleep with her.

You successfully introduced yourself, how do you keep his attention?

Once you have broken the ice, then you want to find out what you have in common and focus on that – DO NOT talk about other guys that you’ve dated, issues you are having with friends, etc.

And if it’s a fighter, don’t talk to them about training, who they’ve fought etc., They are enjoying their down time…be original and you will spark their interest. Most importantly, let them talk about themselves for a little bit.  It shows that you are willing to listen and men like that.

How will you know if he is interested?

Pay a lot of attention to their body language and let them talk. Don’t offer up any personal information. If he is interested, he will start asking you questions.  Rule of thumb, if within 3 minutes he doesn’t ask you anything about yourself, he’s just looking for sex.

Rules to live by when giving him your phone number:

Never ever give them your home or cell number. Either get their phone number or give them your office number.  ONE – If they turn out to be a douche bag, they can’t keep calling you and TWO – always remember, if they are willing to give you their number, they are interested.

I recommend handing them your phone and asking them to put their name (first and last) and their number directly in your phone. This way if you forgot their name, you don’t have to ask and they will remember you because they took the time to put their info in your phone.

Well ladies, that’s all for now! I look forward to receiving your questions. Again, no topic is off limits! Please email your questions to [email protected].

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