Prepare to have your mind blown: MMA Rap Battle featuring 100 Bulletz vs. Step Easy *VIDEO*

Once upon a time there was a man called “The MMA Analyst” a.k.a. Karsten Shreve a.k.a. “100 Bulletz”. He has been around the MMA game for a minute and is an old friend of the site. He turned me on to this video today of a rap battle he was involved in using only MMA subject matter. See how many MMA references you can catch and see how many go over your head. Then rewind and you will probably hear some that you missed the first time. Enjoy.

Be sure to check out 100 Bulletz doing his thing as The MMA Analyst at and also at He has some of the best fight breakdowns you can find and has been doing them on Youtube for a long time now.

Some of their MMA references are pretty obscure – what was your favorite line?

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