Hard Rock MMA 41 LIVE results and play-by-play

The Eagle Lake Convention Center in Lawrenceburg, Ky., plays host to Hard Rock MMA 41. Two professional bouts and three amateur title fights headline this huge card with talent from all over Kentucky. Reaction MMA, UNICA MMA, Georgetown MMA, 4 Seasons and many more top gyms will be represented tonight. We are cageside with all the results and play by play of the title & professional fights.

  1. Kenny Adams vs Zachary Pemberton – Pemberton defeats Adams, Adams does not answer the bell for Round 3.
  2. Andre Rodriguez vs Robert Montgomery- Montgomery defeats Rodriguez, 2:33 Round 2. Submission to Kimura
  3. Kirk Moore vs  Josh Dawson- Josh Dawson defeats Kirk Moore – Split Decision
  4. Josh Krizan vs Steven Bell – Bell defeats Krizan – Split Decision
  5. William Meyers vs Jonathan Byerly – Meyers defeats Byerly – 1:33 Round 1 TKO (Ref stoppage due to injury)
  6. Steven Stultz vs Tony Bryant – Tony Bryant defeats Steven Stultz 1:10 Round 1 TKO (Strikes)
  7. Isiac Franks vs Mark Coleman – Franks defeats Coleman – Unanimous Decision
  8. Michael Cockerham vs Jason Williams Cockerham defeats Williams – 2:50 Round 1 Submission (Triangle Choke)
  9. Michael Ricketts vs Stephen Kimbrell –Kimbrell defeats Ricketts – Split Decision
  10. Jacob Byrd vs Que Parks  – Parks defeats Byrd 2:18 Round 2 – Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
  11. John Mahr vs Matt Quinn – John Mahr defeats Matt Quinn – 2:50 Round 2 Submission (Guillotine Choke)
  12. William Myers vs Mikey Marripodi – Marripodi defeats William Meyers  00:26 Round 1 TKO (Strikes)
  13. James Douglas vs Derik Byrd – Derik Byrd defeats James Douglas via Unanimous Decision –Hard Rock MMA Bantamweight Title

James Douglas vs Derik Byrd – Hard Rock MMA Bantamweight Title

Round 1: Show of sportsmanship as both touch gloves. Byrd stalks Douglas and they exchange punches. Both fighters go to a flurry of strikes with little damage. Douglas lands a sharp leg kick. Both fighters circle in the center of the cage . Sporadic punches to gauge distance but nothing lands.  Byrd Lands a huge right hook as the round closes.

Round 2: Douglas works the jabs but retreats. Byrd lands a leg kick and steps back.  Both exhange punches and Byrd scores a takedown. They pop up and Douglas misses a superman punch. Douglas throws a head kick but it is checked  by Byrd. Douglas lands a good kick to the right leg of Byrd and follows with another. Douglas connects with a few strikes. Fighters miss on a couple exchanges as the round ends.

Round 3: Douglas shoots for a takedown but it is sfuffed by Byrd. Byrd lands a few kicks while Douglas is on his back. Douglas gets up and attempts another takedown but can’t get it.  Byrd is throwing legs kicks to the upper thigh and follows with a few strikes. Byrd connects on a couple jabs and is pushed into the cage by Douglas. Douglas attempts a takedown again but nothing doing. Byrd lands body shots . Byrd has Douglas on his back and  takes an upkick to the face. He holds the position until the bell.

Round 4: Byrd starts with a straight left but its answered with a sharp jab from Douglas  Douglas misses a kick and gets slammed into the cage. Byrd  throws several kicks and gets a warning for a kick to the spine. Action resumes with both men trading punches in the center of the cage. Douglas takes Byrd’s back  and goes for a rear naked choke but Byrd slips out. Douglas locks it in again but it does not look deep.  Douglas keeps Byrd’s back and is trying to work the choke. Byrd throws small punches  but is not in position to connect. The round ends in a stalemate.

Round 5: Byrd lands a leg kick and backs out. Byrd kicks and Douglas answers with a straight right. Both men circling with little action. Byrd lands a shot to the chin of Douglas. Douglas goes for a takedown but can’t get it. Byrd is relentless with some leg kicks. A quick clinch doesn’t last as Douglas rolls out. Byrd lands a couple more strikes at close range. Byrd hits an upper cut.  The round ends with a sharp kick from Byrd.

Derik Byrd defeats James Douglas via Unanimous Decision and remains the Hard Rock Bantamweight Title

Kelly Pennington vs Josh Walker – Hard Rock MMA Light Heavyweight Title

Round 1: Both fighters come out swinging wildly. Pennington connects with a big right hand. After they circle Pennington gets a takedown on Walker.  Both men get to the feet  Penington slips and Walker misses a big right hand. Pennington recovers and gets pushed into the cage. Walker starts to foot stomp but it has no effect. Walker misses several knees.  Walker gets a takedown as the round ends.

Round 2: Walker misses with a kick but follows with several strikes that land. Pennington lands a big right hand and cuts Walkers lip. Walker lands a big head kick and follows it  up with several knees to the body. Pennington gets his back pinned against the cage as Walker lands several shots to the head.  Walker takes Penningtons back and locks in a rear naked choke. He releases it starts to punch the head of pennington. Pennington takes several punches with damage as the round ends.

Round 3: Pennington looks gassed but lands several strikes to the head. A big exchange takes place as both fighters land several shots. Walker presses Pennington against the cage and lands a knee to the head. Walker throws several short punches to Penningtons head. Pennington looks deflated as Walker looks to finish the fight from mount. Walker working the ground and pound as Pennington is looking for air. Referee Gary Copeland stops the fight  after several unanswered punches.

Josh Walker defeats Kelly Pennington 2:50 Round 3  Submission (Strikes) and retains the Hard Rock MMA Light Heavyweight Title

Eric Jarvis vs Michael Seals -Hard Rock MMA  Welterweight Title

Round 1:  Jarvis comes out with a leg kick.  Seals lands a takedown. Jarvis lands several shots to the head. Jarvis rolls out and tries to take position. Seals locks in a triangle choke and Jarvis submits.

Michael Seals defeats Eric Jarvis  1:21 Round 1 Submission (Triangle Choke) and retains the Hard Rock MMA Welterweight Title

Kwinn Davis vs Tyrelle Olding – Featherweight Professional Fight

Round 1: Davis comes out throwing heavy leather and Olding gets a takedown. Davis gets top position and hope to his feet. He lets Olding and Tyrelle rushes in. Davis gets a takedown but Olding locks in a leg triange. Davis submits.

Tyrelle Olding defeats Kwinn Davis 1:19 Round 1 Submission (Triangle Choke)

Jason Keen vs Matt Metts – Lightweight Professional Fight

Round 1:  Fighters touch gloves and Keen misses a leg kick. Metts gets a slam and starts throwing punches. Keen attempts a guillotine as Metts tries to work out of it. Metts eases around while still in the guillotine and pops out. Keen gets an elbow to the face of  Metts. Metts throws an elbow of his own.  Metts comes with several more elbows Metts  pushes his shoulder deep into the neck of Keen. Metts works from side control  and  attempts to take Keen’s back . Keen pops up and fighters exchange strikes. Metts gets a take down and works an arm triange. After several seconds Keen submits.

Matt Metts defeats Jason Keen, 3:50 Round 1 Submission (Triangle Choke)

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