The MMA Outsider Podcast Episode 27 – Looking back at UFC 137 and forward towards UFC 138

I am probably busier than I have ever been in my life. I work five jobs and still need to find time to embarrass myself on the streets of DC. To help lighten the load, I asked my compatriot, John Buhl, to write a blog post. What follows in the next paragraph is what he sent me after he banged it out on his Android phone. Next time, he might as well write it on the back of a used Burger King napkin…

“An old saying claims that ‘the third time is the charm,’ but that is a load of crap. After technical errors screwed up the first two recordings, we finally got this week’s episode taken care of on the third try. As it turned out, it was the worst. Lesson learned: I do better with less prep time.

So we go over the main stories from UFC 137, with two legends retiring and Nick Diaz fighting like he stopped smoking so much damn pot. Sorry tokers, but I know through… friends… that marijuana does not help reflexes. Also, one of us might’ve called Cheick Kongo a ball-kicking douchebag. And that was after a win, so just wait until he loses again.

After an awkward and poorly timed transition, we moved on to preview UFC 138, taking place this Saturday. The main thing to take away? At least you won’t have to pay for this card.

We’ll be back next week with guests and analysis. Maybe. If we feel like it. ”

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