Cesar Gracie makes formal offer to unite with Team Penn

Photo by ProMMAnow.com

Following Nick Diaz‘s three round thrashing of B.J. Penn (Penn won round 1) at UFC 137 last Saturday, Diaz’s coach, Cesar Gracie, has made a formal offer with Team Penn to unite camps.

“I was reminded by something that happened many, many years ago. I think BJ was probably about 17 at the time, we were at a tournament and I was giving one of my guy’s instructions. At the time there was an alliance, it was my school and Ralph’s school and we were one team and BJ was on that team.

I was giving one of my guys instructions and I looked over to my left a little bit and I saw BJ’s eyes focused on every word I was saying and he kind of smiled and said, ‘You always have the best advice, that’s why I always listen to you.’

And it just reminded me, years and years have passed since then, but BJ, take my advice now, it’s time to make something new happen.”

Gracie called the Penn camp on Wednesday to make the offer. He feels both camps would benefit one another and he nor the Diaz brothers want to see Penn retire. But they also do not think Penn is getting everything he needs where he is and doing what he is currently doing.

You can read Gracie’s complete statement on BJPenn.com and/or listen to the audio of Gracie below:

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