Takedown Fight Media plans to bring the best in LIVE MMA programming to network television

There are a ton of mixed martial arts promotions putting on fights all over the country and all over the world on any given weekend, the large majority of which go unseen by most fans other than those who attend the events in person. What if someone took the best of those events and put them on LIVE network television every weekend? That is exactly what Takedown Fight Media wants to do.

Takedown Fight Media filmed their television pilot this weekend in Gresham, Ore., at SportFight 30 headlined by Ryan Healy vs. Paul Kelly. SportFight promoter and Takedown Advisor Matt Lindland told ProMMAnow.com why he believes in what Takedown is doing, “It’s the best concept I’ve seen because they’re not trying to be a fight promoter. They’re letting fight promoters be fight promoters. We’re filling up venues, we’re booking fights, we’re doing all the things that fight promoters do and we’ve got the luxury of not having to deal with the broadcast side of things. They’re going to come in and they’re going to film this show, along with the other 40-some events a year live and we’re going to deliver this stuff straight to TV for the consumers.”

Lindland believes when FOX begins airing UFC fights, it is going to be a game-changer. “The FOX deal with the UFC, I mean that’s huge, now they’re going to get the sport that recognition and mainstream acceptance,” Lindland said. “When the UFC gets on FOX, people are going to go, ‘Oh that MMA is great, I want more of it’ and networks are going to need that content and there’s only one company that’s going to be able to deliver that kind of content and that much volume of content and that’s Takedown.”

Takedown Fight Media has named several promotions, along with SportFight, they plan to put on network television. According to their website and a Takedown representative, MMA fans will eventually see fights from MMA Big Show in Ohio, Absolute Fighting in Florida, Aggression MMA and Rumble in the Cage in Canada, Max Fight in Bulgaria, Fight Fest in Finland and Modern Pankration in Russia, to name just a few.

When asked if the Takedown Fight Media concept was similar to what Go Fight Live is doing online, Lindland was not really familiar with the online pay-per-view site, but was quick to ask about their production quality. After being told, in effect, it often looked like a VHS tape, he said, “Please do not compare Takedown Fight Media to Go Fight Live. This is production quality stuff. I mean we’ve got producers from Hollywood putting this stuff together. This is real television quality, everything is shot in HD.”

The whole concept seems quite intriguing for fight fans. Most Anderson Silva fans never saw his fights before he got to the UFC, the same with Georges St-Pierre. What Takedown Fight Media is doing will give fans a chance to see these fighters moving up the ranks on the smaller shows. It will potentially help bring more sponsors to the sport and help create more stars. It will help the sport grow and that is always a good thing.

To learn more about Takedown Fight Media, the people involved with the company and what they are doing visit their website at www.takedownfightmedia.com.

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