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Show 114 and we have no intentions of doing anything but to continue to bring you the best MMA show, PERIOD! This week we haven’t changed the game plan, just the players. Our first guest has been on enough he has a permanent chair in the shop, and you know we will talk a lil gaming with him. We also have back our man with the inside look on this season of The Ultimate Fighter. Dropping in for his second time on the show is a man welcoming Hatsu Hioki to the UFC.


Bart Palaszewski

Our first guest has been around the shop enough to know his way around. Bart Palaszewski is back and this time we will be talking his UFC Debut versus Tyson Griffin. Bart is always a great interview and with this fight being his UFC Debut I can’t wait to talk the excitement and emotion he has going into this fight.

We will talk the match-up, his injury that kept him out of the last scheduled bout, facing a fighter of Tyson’s caliber, and much more in regards to the fight. If you have listened to Bart on the show before you know that Bart is a huge gamer, and we will talk for sure about what games Bart has played this camp and what’s currently in the system waiting to be beat. Follow Bart on Twitter at @Bartimus7.

Stephen Bass

Next up is the man that had to survive living in The Ultimate Fighter house. That’s right Stephen Bass is back this week to talk all the craziness that occurred in the house. Stephen last week ended up getting beat last week in his fight for the season, so I can only imagine how wild it’s going to get and how much we are going to see Stephen in action for the rest of the season.

Unlimited alcohol and nothing left to try and win… OH BOY! Make sure to watch this week’s episode and tune into the show as phone lines will be open all show for you to ask Stephen anything about this last week’s episode or anything from a previous episode. Follow Stephen on Twitter at @StephenBassTUF.

George Roop

Hatsu Hioki is no joke, the guy has been a force in the Japanese MMA game, but this isn’t the MMA game in Japan this is the BIG SHOW! Our next guest is set to welcome Hioki to the big show, and believe George Roop won’t be looking to give him a warm welcome, but more like putting him OUT COLD! George is back on the show and back with another tough opponent, we talked to George before his fight with Mark Hominick and this is just as big of a fight for Roop.

We will discuss if the belts his opponent owns, means anything to him. How he prepared for this fight, the loss of his coach, where he believes this win will put him in regards to the division, and much more. Trust that you don’t want to miss this as George is always a great interview and with this fight coming up, it’s about to get even better in the shop! Follow George on Twitter @GeorgeRoop.

Douglas Lima

Our final guest is a man that has been crushing opponents and riding a win streak that extended to eight after his last KO victory. Douglas Lima left the MFC (Maximum Fighting Championship) as the champ with one title defense. He signed to Bellator and entered the latest Welterweight Tournament. Lima is one fight away from winning the tournament and cashing that large lump sum check…. However he has a very tough and nasty opponent who plans to stop him in Ben Saunders.

We will talk to Douglas about his training camp, leaving the MFC, fighting in a tournament format, and of course about his opponent. This isn’t the first time Douglas has stopped by the shop so you already know he’s worth having back if we got him back here. Tune in and make sure to catch the fight on MTV2 as its guaranteed to bring fireworks. Follow Douglas on Twitter @PhenomLima.

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