Brian Imes is The Human Cockfighter

It’s not about what you say, but how you say it. My response was always, “How do you say it, cuz we ain’t from the same place.” I learned in my early public education that there is no official language in the United States of America.

I have now lived for over 33 years having never experienced any environment where it didn’t matter how I said it. The truth is: It is about what you say, but people only recognize the way you say it.

That is their mistake, not yours. Freedom of speech is frowned upon while progressive English is the only accepted form of communication. Well, that and Spanish.

The problem is that no one knows what anyone is saying anymore. We have lost our ability to deduct logic through the socialization of our speech, information and language. Those disciplines are regulated by our governors.

There are no two people around the globe that speak the same language. Only we know what runs through our minds before our thoughts are thrust across our lips.

And no two people translate spoken language the same. Who is to say what one person meant by spoken words? No one person is an expert on anyone.

I couldn’t tell you honestly why I say what I say when I say it. It just comes out. That is called: personality, and no two people have matching personalities.

Our creator, whoever or whatever that is, made us unique individuals. It is for us to decide our destinies and for only us to determine our influences. Be damned the grand translator or orator.

We are programmed to presume sexism, racism and every other ism imaginable. Rarely do we speak directly and honestly to one another because we are terrified of the consequences.

Socialization destroys the individual, which destroys intellectualism and innovation. It’s no wonder we are behind the rest of the world in production. We are programmed consumerists. We have lost the ability to think, therefore act, therefore evolve, therefore overcome obstacles.

Following my last loss at Shark Fights 19, I said to Dallas Browning, “Go after my face, bitch. Don’t flee for my ankle!” That was my Hillbilly way of congratulating him on his submission victory via ankle lock.

The innocent bystander probably took me for a sore loser, but Dallas knew better. I was just excited and humbled. Dallas is a fighter, so he understands the struggle along with the translation.

Dallas will come train with me and my team this Thursday night at Premier Martial Arts in Riverside, Mo. He has a bright future, that boy, and it will be my pleasure to assist him in his journey.

Only when we move to distance ourselves from our self-generated society will we begin to reclaim ourselves and speak our own languages.

Freedom loving people are experiencing the reality of that truth around the globe. Folks have been suffering from a lack of translation. Our leaders have made the ultimate sale while we were resting comfortably.

Large corporations alongside unions of laborers have taken over our every natural need. It is now difficult to transport, shelter or feed our own families without regulated assistance.

Jobs are hard to come by, especially for the honest hard working American male. Without membership or certification, we are not qualified to conduct labor.

We are free only to operate within the predetermined parameters of society. It doesn’t take a translator to understand that we are not free at all. We are merely cattle, being directed by our elected leaders. All we have left is free will, but if you exercise it, you will most likely end up in jail.

Professional cage fighting is the ultimate exercise in free will. Funny how we must get in a cage with another angry, psychotic human being in order to exercise our freedom…

The fact is that we have allowed ourselves to be sold to the lowest bidder. Freedom is supposed to be the most sought after commodity on the planet.

Why are people dumping everything they have into gold and silver…because freedom is off the market. No amount of money can buy it. It can only be obtained through exercise, sacrifice and the utter refusal to be bought.

Character is man’s greatest treasure. It can only be earned and no one can doubt it’s value. Man will only earn back his freedom by refusing to sell out his character.

Stand on your own my friends. The world needs a bright light. The brightest lights in man’s existence have been individuals. No group, union, organization or society can match that glow. Put It On ‘Em.

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