ADCC 2011 video: Vinny Magalhaes vs. Fabrico Werdum – Vinny’s unbreakable arm!

ADCC 2011 took place Sept. 24-25. So how did Vinny use this same arm at M-1 Challenge 27 on Oct. 14? What's that arm made of?

M-1 Global Light Heavyweight Champion Vinny Magalhaes defended his title Friday night at M-1 Challenge 27 by stopping Mikhail Zayats via TKO with a beautiful soccer-style head kick followed by a few punches to finish him off.

Magalhaes’ win Friday night is even more impressive when one considers it was just last month the BJJ black belt took home the grappling gold at ADCC 2011 in Nottingham, England, by defeating former Strikeforce heavyweight champ Fabricio Werdum in the over 99 kg finals (Magalhaes won on points).

When you have an Abu Dhabi champion grappler knocking guys out with head kicks, that is what you call one bad mofo. However, check out the following footage of Magalhaes vs. Werdum at ADCC 2011 and you will wonder how Magalhaes ever survived against Werdum, much less wound up beating him. Warning: This video is guaranteed to make you squeamish – or at least blurt out, “What is this guy’s arm made of?”

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