The Human Cockfighter Blog: Ditch Weed

Brian Imes is The Human Cockfighter

I remember coming home one day with a plant for my mother. I had picked it off the side of a country road. A young man from the high school suggested it for her. Thinking that I would be considered great for my gesture, I presented this ditch weed to her at our home. Apparently that was an outrage because of an existing law on the local books.

I do not possess a degree or certification in plant related subjects, nor a credited law degree, so I couldn’t possibly know why it was an outrage to bring a plant home for my mother. I was taught that to be a gentlemanly act.

I am fluent in several subjects, but I have a public degree in freedom. The right to property, lack of an official language and freedom to speak are three points that stick out immediately. One might even throw in… in a general sense that plants are not a creation of man, so cannot be regulated by man. But to this day, no real explanation have I found to clarify this plant’s illegality.

I love to cook. Spending over a decade in the beverage and food service industry, I picked up on a few things. When cooking I like to include plants in my meals. They provide not only nutritional value, but flavor and texture. Rosemary is an herb that goes great on chicken. Basil adds a crisp, yet bitter character to tomatoes. Spinach makes an iron rich salad. So many of the Earth’s characters to choose from and so little time to experience them.

Plants are used in nearly every other industry of man. Medicines, clothing, shelter and energy are derivatives of plant life. Humanity would be nowhere without the development of these natural goods. Who is to say which plant is acceptable for cooking and which is best for medicine? Who is to say which tree builds the sturdiest structure and which plant weaves the most comfortable sandal?

Human beings are designed to grow, evolve and innovate. Over time our knowledge, experiences and abilities change; meaning the implementation of these raw goods is evolving as well. Why then would we limit our evolution by regulating the implementation of a naturally growing plant?

There seems to be a lot of people on the Earth who are suffering from lots of different deficiencies. Limiting the innovation and thus implementation of raw goods only lengthens the suffering of our neighbors.

If raw goods that are processed for energy, shelter, clothing and medicine are regulated by the government, then the people possess nothing of real value. He who makes the rules owns the business. Governments around the globe have racked up enormous debts and thus starved the people of the world through regulatory action.

Leave the business to the people and we will pick the winners and losers. Only the people working together in small communities can decide the fortune of humanity. Large regulatory bodies blur lines, corrupt values and steal faith.

The popularity of mixed martial arts has grown so quickly across the globe because in no other arena is the outcome left, so singularly, to the worker. Humanity yearns for honest interaction and real production.

We have bickered, argued, and starved ourselves into a corner. When put into a corner, each and every creature will fight. Let’s leave the fighting to the professionals and let the people go back to work. There are people suffering and only the people can remedy the problems.

The frustration with authority is unified around the planet. People are arming themselves and learning to defend themselves. Something is brewing and the powers that be better ease the restraints a little. No hungry slave is happy.

When confronted with top heavy classism, the people come together. We forget about our differences and focus on the aggressor, united. We don’t need a leader because we come together as one by standing on our own. Strong villages are built by strong people. Thump a stranger, my friends. To the elite: Go on! We got it.

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