Dana White says this might be his best video blog ever

Rampage: "I thought you were going to numb it." ... Doctor: "This is numbing it." ... Rampage: "This hurts worse than the fight."

If you notice the way Dana White looks when he says, “I’ll be cranking the blogs out this week like crazy” it is because he has said that in the past (like last week) and only ends up putting out one or two. Not cool to tease the fans like that Mr. White — and he knows it!

White says, “This might be the best video blog we’ve ever done” and he just might be right. Viewers get a look backstage after UFC 135. You will see “Rampage” Jackson following his loss to Jon Jones getting worked on by the doctor and seeing the big gash over his eye up close for the first time.

You will see the real reason Jones did not appear overly thrilled at the post-fight press conference, and it was not because he was not happy with the win, it is because the guy could barely walk after the fight and was in excruciating pain.

Watch as Aaron Simpson tries to talk after his fight with Tony Ferguson and as he asks the doctor if there is an alternative to having his jaw wired shut. Watch as Josh Koscheck tells Matt Hughes he was getting the best of him and Hughes says he wishes he could remember the last ten seconds before his lights got cut off.

All this and much much more…