The last week has been very kind to foreign exchange rates here in Brazil, particularly the USD. This is good news for anyone here in Rio or who booked an upcoming stay!

The USD hit over 1.90 against the Real, and is now trading at 1.80. Currency exchange specialist Sidnie Nehme told Rio de Janeiro daily paper O Globo (Sunday, Sept. 25th, 2011), he believes the dollar will again fall to a stable 1.7 exchange rate against the Real. This is a good start to Spring.

Speaking of Spring, as of Sept. 22, winter is over here in Rio de Janeiro! The weather is beginning to warm and the sun is shining, which of course the city is well known for.

Rio’s inhabitants hit the gyms and outdoor workout stations in preparation so they can look good for the hot weather to come. The layers of clothes begin to come off and everyone is hitting the beach.

The beach culture here is most apparent during the summer, and everyone who lives here seems to have an overwhelming desire to look good.

It is hard not to be a fan of this time of year, relaxing on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro is one of the best things in the world!

There are many great events happening in the jiu-jitsu world right now. We just watched the biannual ADCC grappling championships (which is like the world cup of grappling) put on a great event in the U.K.

November will bring a new, very exciting event to the city of Rio de Janeiro – Grand Slam jiu-jitsu will bring a number of top athletes and jiu-jitsu legends together in what promises to be a spectacle of a competition.

Two of the best names in the game in Jean Jacques Machado and Ricardo De La Riva will battle as one of the feature attractions!

Also in the mix is the beginning of my video log. I’ll release a new video every two weeks, and the vlog will supplement what I write here and provide additional information for those traveling to Rio.

If you’re still wondering who I am and what Connection Rio does, check out this video in the meantime. Make sure to subscribe to the Connection Rio YouTube channel to stay up to date with all things jiu-jitsu and Rio de Janeiro!

Until next week, stay on the path and live your dreams!

-Dennis A. Asche


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Dennis Asche is‘s direct connection to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As an American living in the birthplace of modern MMA, and as a BJJ black belt training and teaching in Rio, Dennis has his hand on the pulse of the MMA and BJJ scene in Brazil. Tune in each week as Dennis keeps us informed through his Connection Rio blog. Follow Dennis on Twitter @ConnectionRio.

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