The Human Cockfighter Blog: More than humility

Brian Imes is The Human Cockfighter

What we learn about ourselves during a confrontational encounter is priceless. It’s not that it teaches humility, but that it strengthens our individuality and self-awareness.

So lost are we in our selfish pursuits, that we forget to invest in ourselves. Our spirit and our character are our most priceless possessions, and they are only enriched through self-reflection and revealed when the line is crossed.

Fighting holds the line. No one is undefeated, and we are all aware of ourselves. Our strengths become broadened and our weaknesses exposed. Only then do we progress as individuals.

Our progress is selfless because our self-betterment is driven by community contribution. Fighters strengthen communities through their willingness to confront issues and obstacles. Only the people can fix their communities.

No oversight, regulation, tax, mandate or authority has ever conquered evil. We have work to do and it takes fighters to lead. Let us not fear the sword, yet have faith in the pursuit of righteousness.

The Hillbilly Fight Team had a successful weekend in Joplin, Missouri. Adam Roberts improved to 2-0 as an amateur while capturing the Cage of Honor Cruiserweight Belt. He submitted Preston Sutton late in the first round with a rear naked choke.

Andy Fleming finished another opponent with heavy punches to improve to 3-0, while Jay Segal dropped a hard fought decision to Hardy Friely. Jay is now 1-1 at 145 pounds.

Well over 1000 people crowded the Joplin Convention Center on Saturday for Cage of Honor 46. Fighters came from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri to compete in this all amateur show.

Hillbilly Fight Wear was well received as always and Aron Boswell put on a great event. We look forward to going back and watching Adam defend his belt.

I have been back at it since my submission loss at Shark Fights on September 10th. Losses are for learning and what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Anything that is hard in life is good for you as an individual.

We could fill our days with ease and relaxation, but our minds and our souls would never grow. We don’t learn from sitting with a book of someone else’s thoughts. We learn by conducting work while embracing discipline and ethics.

The unfamiliar is where education resides. We can’t be told. We must learn for ourselves the realities of life through struggle, loss and sacrifice. Winning is great, but the true victory is in our minds and spirits. The struggle and fight for victory makes us winners, despite the decision.

My Fighting Fit class has become quite a hit at Kansas City Premier Martial Arts & Fitness in Riverside. We had 14 on Tuesday night and we are threatening to outgrow our room after only two months. They must like my personality.

I will be back in the cage soon. Stay tuned for fight news. @HillbillyFightW on Twitter or find me on Facebook ( Keep thumpin’ my friends. The water is murky and the clouds are dark, but the sun is threatening to shine. When it does we must be ready, for there is work to be done and that is our time.

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