Erik Koch: “I want to destroy Jonathan Brookins”

Last week, Erik Koch checked in with The MMA Outsider Podcast and had some choice words about his upcoming fight against Jonathan Brookins at UFC Fight Night 25.

“I want to win. I want to put a stamp. I want to destroy Jonathan Brookins. I want to take the press. I want people to look at him and say ‘he won The Ultimate Fighter show,”and then I literally want to dominate the fight and destroy him. That’s how I work up the ladder.”

On Brookins

“He’s a tough dude. I know he is ready to go. He is training smart. I have a good feeling this will break my streak of people pulling out. I am looking forward to it, it is a good match up. We have been training for each other for a while now, so it should turn out to be a good fight.”

On Strategy

“He doesn’t like people in his face and his head movement is not that great. So, it is one of those things, striking, you can’t run it bye anybody and think they are not a good striker, because this is MMA and anything can happen. There’s definately some stuff we have been working just because he is taller and most of the guy at 145 I have fought are shorter.”

“I am not going to take anybody’s striking lightly even if they are a terrible striker. I don’t know what he has been doing for the last sixth months. I know he has been out for a while, so he could be training, could have gotten a lot better. I gaurantee he is going to look to try to take me down. If you get too excited and open up too much, he might be looking for a takedown. So, it is something, I definately don’t want to give up too easy.”

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