On Thursday night, Freddy Assuncao will meet Baz Cunningham at Aggression MMA 8. Before you watch the fight, check out his interview with The MMA Outsider Podcast.

“My first pro fight, I fought a guy who already had like 10 pro fights. A guy who just fought in the UFC, Felipe [Arantes]. So, since the beginning, I already knew it was not going to be easy for me, because we already had a strong name thanks to my two brothers.”

on opponent Baz Cunningham

“I saw a couple of videos on him… My brothers went over a couple of videos on him. I believe it is a good match up. We match up well. He looks like a strong guy. It looks like he has good wrestling and heavy hands. Does his stuff on the ground also. Even though I have a jiu-jitsu background, I don’t like to be on my back… I like strike and I like to wrestle.”

“We also train with Jeff Bedard, he’s a national champion. There is so much wrestling in MMA now, we have to make that transition into a lot the wrestling game. Raphael is a beast. his wrestling is amazing. He’s a jiu-jitsu guy, but like me and Junior, we are jiu-jitsu guys, but we don’t like ‘that’s a jiu-jitsu guy, he is going to stay on his back”

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