Gruesome MMA 5 – recap and results

Gruesome MMA 5 “The Reckoning” took place Friday night at the East Kentucky Expo Center in downtown Pikeveille and played host to some exciting finishes.  Three professional fights and one amateur title fight highlighted the 12 fight event.

The professional fights were very entertaining as George Oiler pulled off a third round guillotine to submit Erick Jordan. Oiler’s younger brother also fought and won his MMA debut.

Chico Yeary got in the win column, as did Tyler Minton, as both fought opponents who came into the night very much improved. Wes Hanson captured the Gruesome MMA Featherweight Title as he defeated a very tough Mark Jones in the main event.

Gruesome MMA raised the bar with the presentation of the event as they pulled out all the stops on the production, including two huge video screens and had the bright lights shining down. As a young promotion, Gruesome was plagued by some chaos and last minute no-show fighters.

They did the best they could with what they had. Brandon Newsome and Greg Maynard know they have improvements to make and if they do so they should garner success in the future. However, it was a dismal crowd in what is one of the best venues in Eastern Kentucky.

Here are full results:

  • Daniel Margotta defeated Josh Adkins, 1:10 Round 1 – TKO (strikes)
  • Joe Lavertue defeated Brian Mullins, 00:09 Round 1- TKO (strikes)
  • Chris McKinney defeated Josh Dawson. 1:02 Round 1 – Submission to Triangle Choke
  • Anthony Gillespie defeated Josh Epps, 00:31 Round 1 – Knockout
  • Jared Oiler defeated Nick Bryant, 00:35 Round 1 – Verbal Submission
  • George Oiler defeated Erick Jordan, 00:19 Round 3 – Submission to Guillotine Choke
  • Chico Yeary defeated Jason Carrier ,4:41 Round 1 – Submission to Armbar
  • Ryan Shank defeted Quinton Parks Jr. – Unanimous Decision
  • Brandon Mullins defeated Joe Lavertue , 2:09 Round 1 TKO (strikes)
  • Donnie Lester defeated Keith Gilyard, 00:46 Round 2 TKO (strikes)
  • Tyler Minton defeated Chancellor Edmonson, 4:01 Round 1 Submission to Arm Crank
  • Wes Hanson defeated Mark Jones, ( no time given), TKO (strikes)

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