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It seems like MMA clothing and gear companies are a dime a dozen these days.   Companies come and go, and fighters are left to try and find a type of quality gear they like, hoping that the company won’t go out of business before they need a new pair of gloves.   Fighters looking to fill that gap need look no further than Reevo.

Reevo’s R9 line was a 2010 Silver Winner at the Design Exchange Awards. Designed by industrial engineer Miles Keller, the R9 line features Energy Dispersion Technology which has “absorbing layers of varying density that provide added protection from strikes.”

Thanks to Reevo, I had the opportunity to take a look at the entire R9 line. In this review, we’ll be taking a look at the Reevo R9 Warhammer boxing gloves. The gear was tested out by some of my fighters from The Matthew Wellington Group.

About the Warhammers – From

With its Premium leather and comfortable fit, the R9 Sparring Glove offers a lot. The sleek 3-density padding and ergonomic fit help drive confident punches and jabs. Accelerate your training with these performance gloves.

  • Highest quality beautifully grained premium leather
  • Pliable padding gives great flex and support
  • 3 layers of foam padding offer multiple types of energy dissipation to keep your hands safe and secure
  • Large double strapping system offers superior wrist support
  • Venting cools your hands
  • Smooth polyester lining allows your wrapped hands to easily get in and out of hand cavity.
  • Attached thumb

The Warhammers are available in both 10 and 16 oz sizes.  Here is what MWG client Matt Metts had to say:

The Warhammers have a very light but soft foam padding and a solid strap for wrist support. The padding is not puffy like in other gloves, it’s tight and firm but yet won’t hurt your sparring partners.

Joe Schiff, wearing the Reevo R9 Warhammers and Reevo rashguard.

Also, amateur fighter Joe Schiff (pictured right), fighting out of Team On Point in West Virginia, had this to say:

I like the gloves and they feel good while sparring. They offer protection for my hands. I thought they would be heavier with as big as they look, but the weight is great, not heavy at all.

The Warhammers have a double over/under wrist-strap for extra support and to ensure the gloves don’t slip while training.  The gloves are  available in either black or white.  The Warhammers, like all of the R9 line, come delivered in a drawstring mesh bag, which is of a high enough quality that it could be used to store and carry the gloves for the life of the product.

The Warhammers are more expensive than some gloves, but short-term tests indicate the quality is worth the price.  Although listed at $94.99, potential purchasers can get a discount by applying for a profile on Those selected are eligible for discounts from 15%-40% on all the Reevo gear available at

The general consensus I received from all of the fighters who got to try out the gloves is that it’s a solidly constructed glove, well-padded for the weight, and a tight fit around your hand. See the Warhammers and all the rest of the gear Reevo has to offer at

Disclosure – Reevo is now sponsoring some of the fighters from my agency, The Matthew Wellington Group. However, these reviews were completed prior to the sponsorship deals being worked out, and the MWG fighters who reviewed the gear for the video reviews which will be posted later and whose comments will be seen throughout the reviews did not know they were being considered for a sponsorship until after the reviews had been completed.

By Brian Furby

Brian Furby is a licensed attorney and former fighter manager. Furby often works as a licensed MMA judge for the Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Authority, and is the founder of In his spare time, he enjoys woodworking and being Gary Thomas's life coach. Furby can be reached by emailing him at bfurby[at]

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