Tattoo Stories: “Little” Patricia Vidonic

Tattoo Stories” is a new series from ( in which readers will get to learn first hand the stories behind the tattoos on some of the world’s top mixed martial arts fighters.

We all know that MMA fighters have some of the most interesting and beautiful ink. This is going to give fans a chance to learn the motivation behind the art, where it came from and why they chose or created a particular piece of work.

For our premiere “Tattoo Stories” article we are looking at one of the top 10 toughest little women on the planet; none other than’s own blogger and friend “Little” Patricia Vidonic. Enjoy. This is her “Tattoo Story”:

I have much larger and more intricate pieces of work on my body than this tattoo; however, this is the only one that currently has a story behind it. This art was designed (not drawn) by me. I got it after my last amateur MMA fight.

I already had a “water” theme with cherry blossom flowers around the rest of my arm and shoulders, so I kept that for the back ground and it’s what connects the entire tattoo around my arm. In the middle, on my bicep is a pink breast cancer ribbon with my Mom’s birth year (1958), name (Toni) and year of death (1994).

When I was 13-years-old my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and a couple months after I turned 15 (she was 36) she passed away. Between those times she had numerous surgeries, including two mastectomies, two bouts of chemotherapy, radiation and lots of trips to the hospital.

I grew up an only child, my mom and I spent tons of time together. I was a total tomboy growing up but she managed to teach me to put on mascara, and her famous line. “Less is more”. My mom was a good-hearted, kind woman, I think she is very proud of me today.

I am “Little” Patricia Vidonic, a professional MMA fighter. I am prepping for my fight Oct. 1 in North Carolina. It’s BlackEye Promotions “Breast Cancer Beat Down”, a televised event with a portion of the proceeds going to a great cause.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this and learn a little more about me!! You can follow my career on my Facebook Fan Page and on my blog!

Little Patricia

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