Superior Cage Combat 2 LIVE results and play-by-play

LAS VEGAS — ( is LIVE on the scene at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas this evening for Superior Cage Combat 2 featuring Josh Neer vs. Blas Avena in the main event. UFC veteran John Alessio takes on last minute replacement Shawn Fitzsimmons in the co-main event.

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Superior Cage Combat 2 quick results:


  • Welterweight Main Event: Josh Neer def Blas Avena by TKO (Strikes from Mount) Rd. 1 (2:54)
  • Welterweight Co-Main Event: John Alessio def. Shawn Fitzsimmons via Technical Submission (RNC) Rd. 2 (3:52)
  • Lightweight Feature Attraction:  Justin Buchholz def. Thiago Meller by decision (30-27,30-27,30-27) Rd. 3 (5:00)
  • 160 lb Catchweight Fight: John Gunderson def. James Birdsley by Submission (RNC) Round 2 (2:06)
  • Middleweight Fight: Bristol Marunde def Victor Moreno by Submission (Kimura) Rd 1 (3:07)


  • Middleweight Fight: Elvis Mutapcic def Cezar Ferreira by KO (Punch) Rd 1 (:25)
  • 275 lb Catchweight Fight: Beau Tribolet def. Chase Gormley by TKO (G&P) Rd 1 (2:40)
  • Welterweight Fight: Danny Davis Jr. def. Mike Dizak by Submission (D’arce Choke) Rd 3 (4:50)
  • Lightweight Fight: Jimmy Jones def. David Bollea by TKO (G&P) Rd 2 (4:12)

Superior Cage Combat 2 play-by-play:

(155) Jimmy “The Rabbit” Jones vs. David “King David Hogan” Bollea

Note: Bollea is the nephew of pro wrestling legend Hulk Hogan.

Round 1 – Mazzagatti with the “hook em up”, and away we go. Jones starts out the aggressor, landing some nice strikes. Bollea answers with a leg kick, but eats a straight right for his efforts. Jones catches a kick and continues to punish Bollea with the straight strikes. Head kick connects, sending the crowd into the first frenzy of the night. Clinch against the cage, Bollea with over-under control. Bollea attempts to drag Jones down, but Jones pops right back up. Jones powers out and starts working some thai-style strikes. More knees to the body by Jones. Bollea grabs a single out of desperation. Jones in a modified half guard. Bollea rolls out nicely, eliciting applause. Accidental low blow by Bollea stops the action briefly. Almost an immediate SECOND low blow to Jones’ nether regions! The re-engage, with Jones putting toghether some nice combinations to the body and head. He’s got Bollea in big trouble. Heel hook attempt by Bollea. Jones ends up in side control. Bollea regains guard and fends off most of Jones’ attacks with upkicks before the horn. 10-9 Jones

Round 2 – Bollea comes out aggressively, but Bollea is making him pay for it. HUGE combo put together by Jones drops Bollea temporarily. Jones lets him back up and continues the onslaught. Jones back in Bollea’s half guard. After a short scramble, Jones moves into side control. Almost gets caught in an armbar by Bollea. Jones lets him stand back up, which is the smart move. Big knee to the head drops Bollea again, and now he’s bleeding from the nose. Some elbows on the ground, but Jones lets him up again. Bollea shooting for a desperate single, which leads to a big body kick by Jones. In a turtle position, now into a semi back mount. Bollea rolls over and gets a knee to the  body for his efforts. Mazzagatti mercifully steps in and stops it after Bollea turtles up.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jimmy Jones over David Bollea by TKO (ground and pound) Round 2 (4:12)

(170) Mike Dizak vs. Danny “The Rapper-Scrapper” Davis Jr.

Note: These two are former training partners.

Round 1 – Jumping knee to start things off by Davis Jr. Dizak gets a clinch and takes it up against the fence with double underhooks. Davis Jr. pummels into over-under. Davis lands an elbow as they seperate. Big kicks from Davis. Huge power double by Dizak lands him into side control. Davis doing a good job of neutralizing, and eats a knee on the way back up to his feet. Davis is swinging for the fences with his kicks body kicks. As Dizak shoots in for a single, Davis lands a MONUMENTAL shot to the groin. Dizak is flat on his back. Ouch. 90 seconds later, Dizak is still croched down. Finally back up. Davis very reticent as they touch gloves. Davis puts Dizak up against the cage and immediately starts punishing his legs with knees and even punches. Dizak spins out, and obtains over-under. Lots of pummeling going on, ref finally separates them. Dizak catches a left hook coming in. Last ten seconds….neither fighter engages to end the round. Very close round. I have it 10-9 Dizak.

Round 2 – Good strikes by Davis to start the round, but he gets careless with his kicks and gets slammed to the mat. Dizak in side control, Davis escapes to a turtle position, and finally back up into a clinch along the cage. Nice thai plum and knee by Davis as they sepearte. Davis’ kicks are coming slower now. Dizak’s face showing some swelling. Davis definitely looking to attack, with Dizak attempting to counter. Couple of huge knees to the head by Davis. Davis presses Dizak against the cage and is delivering some big time punishment. Lots of hand work for position going on. Crowd is surprisingly patient. Davis again attempts to launch Dizak’s head into the 3rd row with a wild wheel-kick. Switch kick by Davis doesn’t connect. Pace has definitely slowed. More clinching as the ten second warning comes, and the horn sounds.    10-9 Davis

Round 3 – Very close fight so far. This round is definitely important for both fighters. Dizak starts the round after a little feeling out by both fighters with an attempted double, which lands them once again up against the cage. Thai plum and knees by Davis answered with a 1-2 combo by Dizak. Dizak really letting his hands go now, which is what someone in the crowd has been calling for him to do the whole fight. Very slow kick attempt by Davis. Dizak comes in with a flurry and slips to one knee in the process. Now it’s Davis coming forward with a combo of punches and kicks. Dizak working hard for a double up against the fence, but Davis is having none of it. Davis circles out and finds himself in a guillotine attempt, which he escapes. Davis with a big double leg by the fence, and looks to be attempting a D’arce. He locks it in and gets the tap just as the sticks clap!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Danny Davis def Mike Dizak by Submission (D’arce Choke) Rd 3 (4:50)

“Technical Difficulties” have lead to them pushing the planned intermission up. We’re waiting for Beau Tribolet and Chase Gormley to duke it out next!

(275) Chase Gormley vs. Beau Tribolet

Round 1 – Gormley is HUGE for this fight. They’re feeling each other out, and throwing with bad intentions. Nothing clean has landed yet, about 90 seconds in. Gormley charges in with a combo of punches, rounding it out with a knee to the body. Leg kicks by Gormley. BIG sriaght right by Tribolet elicitis groans from the audience. He connects again and Gormley goes down. After a flurry of vicious rights to the ear of a face-down Gormley, Mazzagatti steps in to stop it.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Beau Tribolet def Chase Gormley by TKO (Ground & Pound) Rd 1 (2:40)

(185) Cezar “Mutant” Ferreira vs. Elvis Mutapcic

Round 1 – They come out touching gloves. Spinning back kick by Ferreira lands to start us off.  FLASH KNOCKOUT by Mutapcic out of nowhere! Replay shows it was a counter left hook underneath. Ferreira fell like a tree trunk. The crowd was silent for a verrrry long second before exploding!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Elvis Mutapcic def. Cezar Ferreira by KO (Punch) Rd. 1 (:25)

(185) Bristol Marunde vs. Victor “Superman” Moreno

Round 1 – Marunde looks like he wants to shoot for the takedown early. He comes over the top after fainting it a few times and connects. He shoots for a double and gets shrugged off. Moreno misses an uppercut. Marunde JUST ducks under a looping hook. Left hook by Moreno connects flush. Some dancing going on now. Both fighters have been tagged.  Big knockdown off a straight punch by Moreno, but Marunde quickly recovers and jumps up to get the double leg as Moreno rushed in. Marunde moves from side control to almost a North-South. Marunde trying to wrench out a Kimura. He gets it and Moreno taps. Marunde is parading around the ring asking “WHAT?” over and over again. Great display of grappling to get the finish.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Bristol Marunde def Victor Moreno by Submission (Kimura) Rd 1 (3:07)

(160) James “The Birddogg” Birdsley vs. John “Quick Guns” Gunderson

Round 1 – Birdsley comes out right away. Gujnderson putting combos together. Birdsley takes Gunderson down but IMMEDIATELY falls into a rear-naked attempt. Birdsley scrambles out and almost gets caught in an armbar as well. Now Birdsley has his back, with his arm drapped across the chin of Gundersonn. John focused on defending the second arm, but now Birdsley seems to have it locked up. Amazingly, Gunderson finally turns out of it, regains his footing, and holds Birdsley up int he air for 3 seconds before slamming him down to a huge crowd reaction. Now Gunderson is picking him apart against the fence and Birdsley is literally running away. Gunderson takes him down but almost gets caught in a guillotine. he takes Birdsley’s back, and starts to flatten him out with his hips. He’s got the choke, but loses it and delivers a big shot to the ear of Birdsley. Gunderson hip escapes and jumps a guillotine attempt which goes nowhere. Gunderson passes into side control, and now has his back in a side mount position. He’s looking to wrench an arm out for an armbar. Sticks clap, and he JUST runs out of time. WHAT A ROUND!!! Crazy round to score, but the slight edge probably goes to Gunderson for coming closer to finishing the fight. 10-9 Gunderson

Round 2 – Let’s see how they follow that round up. Gunderson is telling Birdsley to come on, and he obliges. Leg kicks from Gunderson. Birdsley shoots for a double along the fence. he takes Gunderson’s back, but he’s doing well to control the wrists. Birdsley moves into rear-naked choke position, but Gunderson follows his corner’s advice and keeps his back on the mat. He spins out and into the guard of “The Birddogg”. He passes into half-guard and delivers some ground & pound. He leaps onto his back and gets the tap with a rear-naked. Back and forth all the way. Best fight of the night thus far.

OFFICIAL RESULT: John Gunderson def. James Birdsley via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) Round 2 (2:06)

(155) Justin Buchholz vs. Thiago Meller

Round 1 – Buchholz looks to be in tremendous shape for this fight. They clinch against the fence, with Meller taking control with double underhooks early. They sepearte and Meller lands a nice leg kick. Buchholz answers back with a hard one of his own. Buccholz is taking the center of the cage and attacking. Meller connects with a hard punch as they come in. Buchholz goes for his now infamous “Steven Segal” front kick, narrowly missing. Nice 1-2-headkick combo by Buchholz. Justin has a thai plum up along the fence before they seperate. Big stikes now by Buchholz. Meller on his back after a takedown attempt. Buchholz is punishing his legs with vicious kicks. Buchholz pulls an Anthony Pettis and runs up the fence before coming down with a punch to the midsection of Meller. Buchholz goes in and almost gets caught in an armbar. He pulls out and in the scramble Meller jumps a guillotine. Looked tight, but Buchholz was able to escape. Back to the kicking of the legs of a downed Meller. Crowd booing Meller for some reason I don’t understand. Justin jumps into his guard, and they wind up back up against the fence. 10 seconds left…..Meller lands a partially blocked headkick and follows it with a punch at the horn. 10-9 Buchholz

Round 2 – Meller taking big deep breaths as they square off. Buchholz looks fresh. Jumping front kick by Buchholz is blocked. He’s definitely head-hunting. Both men go for kicks and they end up on the ground with Meller on top. Buchholz seeemed to be going for an omoplata, but used it to sweep back up to his feet. Big strikes now against the fence by Justin. Knees. Punches. Elbows. Kicks. More deep breathing by Meller. Body work is really taking its toll. Meller appears to have a mouse under his left eye. Another hard body shot by Buchholz. Front snap kick missed again. Leg kicks by Buchholz. Meller isn’t throwing much at this point. They lock up against the fence. Buchholz shrugs him down to the mat and then calls for him to stand up. Now Meller is attempting to put some offense together, but it’s too slow and telegraphed to land. Blood now visibly running down from the mouse on Meller’s left eye. Teep kick to the body by Buchholz. Meller lands a nice right hook that elicits groans from the crowd. Both men slowed down towards the end of the round. 10-9 Buchholz

Round 3 – Some dancing to start the third. Nothing much has landed 60 seconds in. Now some leg kicks from Buchholz. Action has slowed considerably. Both men now taking deep breaths. Meller imploring Buchholz to attack, then decides to take matters into his own hands with a flurry against the fence. Buchholz comes back with a vicious body kick, then a leg kick. He shrugs off a double-leg attempt by Meller. Meller tries again along the fence and gets it. Buchholz wall walks, but Meller drags him back down, ending up with Buchholz in full mount! Nice grappling there by Justin. He hip escapes, and Buchholz stands back up for some more leg kicks. BIG knees by Buchholz along the fence. Huge high kick lands. Combo of punches. Buchholz turning it on again. Uppercut. Blood now running from the nose of Meller. Straight punches and a high kick from Buchholz. Meller drops levels and achieves the double leg. He’s now got the back of Buchholz, and scrambles for a finish, but runs out of time.    10-9 Buchholz

OFFICIAL RESULT: Justin Buchholz def. Thiago Meller by decision (30-27,30-27,30-27) Rd. 3 (5:00)

(170) John “The Natural” Alessio vs. Shawn Fitzsimmons

Round 1 – Alessio looks like a man on a mission coming out. Connects with a nice jab. Fitzsimmons comes in with a wild combo that mostly misses. Double jab by Shawn. Both connect coming in. Triple jab by Alessio keeps him at bay. Alessio seems to be waiting for his spot to counter. Fitzsimmons moves forward with a leg kick. Alessio throwing leather now. Fitzsimmons is having trouble making it through the guard of Alessio with his punches. A lot of throwing without much landing now. Body punch by Fitzsimmons. They’re both landing more now, but nothing with much power behind it. Alessio catches him with a hook coming in as the sticks clap. 10-9 Alessio

Round 2 – Fitzsimmons is already dancing before the start of the round. Alessio is standing still. Alessio comes forward with jabs and checks a leg kick early. Alessio is really looking to establish the jab now, listening to his corner’s advice. Inside leg kick by Alessio, followed by a right hook. Fitzsimmons’ face is starting to redden from getting tagged repeatedly. Alessio shoots for the first TD attempt of the right, and completes it, ending up in full guard. Fitzsimmons sits up for a guillotine, but Alessio says no. Fitzsimmons is again attempting a guillotine, which briefly allows Alessio to pass to half-guard. In the scramble, Fitzsimmons ends up on top, with Alessio employing the butterfly guard. He’s able to hip escape and as he stands up, jumps a tight guillotine. Full mount with it now. He pops his head out, but is still mounted. He takes his back now. Has both hooks in and is delivering punches to the head. He’s got the rear naked….and Fitzsimmons goes out for a brief second.

OFFICIAL RESULT: John Alessio def. Shawn Fitzsimmons via Technical Submission (RNC) Rd. 2 (3:52)

(170) Josh “The Dentist” Neer vs. Blas Avena

Note: Neer predicted the first round knockout. Avena hoped only to deliver an exciting fight. Let’s see if either or both can back that up!

Round 1 – Crowd is HUGE behind Avena. Neer catches Aven’s kick and delivers some shots. Avena comes at him like Vitor came at Wanderlei, but not much landed. Neer falls into his guard, and quickly passes to half. Big elbow from Neer. More elbows. Avena attemps to scoot over to the cage. Neer passes into full mount. Huge elbows to the face. Standing mount, back down to half guard. After a few punches, Avena regains full guard. Neer regains full mount in short order and pounds on Avena until Mazzagatti steps in.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Josh Neer def. Blas Avena by TKO (Strikes from Mount) Rd. 1 (2:54)

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