Bellator 48 LIVE results and play-by-play

Pat Curran (left) and Marlon Sandro face off at the Bellator 48 weigh-ins. The two will battle in the featherweight tournament finals on Saturday. Photo courtesy of Bellator

UNCASVILLE, Conn. — Bellator 48 takes place this evening at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Conn., and features Pat Curran and Marlon Sandro going at it in the main event in the final round of Bellator’s Summer Series featherweight tournament.

Also on the card is a heavyweight match-up between Bellator heavyweight champion Cole Konrad and hard-hitting veteran Paul Buentello. Konrad’s title will not be on the line.

Bellator 48 will broadcasts LIVE at 9 p.m. ET (6 p.m. PT) exclusively on MTV2. Join us here at ( as we provide LIVE results and play-by-play commentary of all the action.

Bellator 48 quick results:


  • Pat Curran def. Marlon Sandro by knockout (head kick) Rd 2 (4:00)
  • Cole Konrad def. Paul Buentello by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27) Rd 3 (5:00)
  • Seth Petruzelli def. Ricco Rodriguez by TKO (punches) Rd 1 (4:21)
  • Rene Nazare def. Juan Barrantes by TKO (doctor stoppage) Rd 2 (5:00)


  • Saul Almeida def. Tateki Matsuda by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)
  • Ryan Quinn def. Brett Oteri by submission (rear-naked choke) Rd 1 (1:49)
  • Andrew Calandrelli def. Matt Nice by submission (keylock) Rd 1 (3:55)
  • Nik Fekete def. Mark Griffin by TKO (strikes) Rd 2 (3:12)
  • Jeff Nader def. Dan Cramer by TKO (punches) Rd 3 (1:04)

Bellator 48 play-by-play:

(155) Juan Barrantes vs. Renê Nazare

Round 1 -Nazare with a double jab followed by punches that connect first. Lands a tight uppercut and a right right hand. Barrantes exchanges with Nazare in the pocket but gets the worst end of it, eating a few good ones. They clinch up against the cage. They separate, combo and body kick from Nazare. Nazare hunting. Leg kick from Barrantes. Leg kick from Nazare. Barrantes grabs a collar tie but gets taken down. Nazare inside his full guard now. Two minutes to go. Nazare working the ground and pound, lands some elbows to the bloody face of Barrantes. Right hands like jackhammers from Nazare. Barrantes tries to get up, Nazare puts him back down. Barrantes getting pummeled. He tries to get up. Nazare looking for a guillotine. Goes for it with 10 seconds to go. No dice. 10-8 Nazare.

Round 2 – One two from Nazare. Barrantes blocks a head kick. Big leg kick from Nazare, again. Nazare shoots, puts Barrantes on his back and lands inside full guard. Barrantes is a BJJ brown belt, trains with Daniel Gracie, but Nazare, a black belt, is dominating him here. Body shots, punches, elbows from Nazare, ground and pound grinding this round out. Barrantes sweeps but Nazare brings it right to the feet where they remain clinched with one minute to go. Big uppercut from Nazare and he puts Barrantes on his back. Elbows from top from Nazare. Barrantes is on his back, bleeding into his eyes. Nazare 10-9.

Barrantes’ right eye is completely closed and the doctor will not let him go into round three. Nazare improves to a perfect 10-0 record.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Rene Nazare def. Juan Barrantes by TKO (doctor stoppage) Rd 2 (5:00)

(230) Ricco Rodriguez vs. Seth Petruzelli

Round 1 – Touch gloves. Seth blocks a high kick, lands a leg kick. Front kick from Seth. Right hand from Seth on the end of a one two. Spinning back kick from Seth lands below the belt and Ricco goes down. Replay shows the heel catching Ricco in the nuggets. Here we go after about a minute. Leg kick from Petruzelli. Body kick from Rodriguez and Seth shoots, halfway pulls guard. Seth stands up and out. Head kick from Seth scores. Lazy leg kick from Ricco. Again. Big leg kick from Seth, he attacks with punches. Ricco with a knee to the face from the clinch. Body kick. Huge leg kick from Seth, Ricco pins him to the cage. Knee to the body from Seth. Knee and uppercuts from Ricco. Seth blocks a high kick. Ricco shoots from outside, stuffed. Ricco checks a leg kick, lunges with a sloppy left. Spinning back kick from Seth  knocks Ricco backward. Ricco rushes in and eats a big right hand and goes down. Seth follows up with a flurry of punches and Ricco is out. Beautiful finish for Petruzelli and he stops Ricco’s 12 fight win streak.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Seth Petruzelli def. Ricco Rodriguez by TKO (punches) Rd 1 (4:21)

(HW) Cole Konrad vs. Paul Buentello

Round 1 – Left jab from Konrad connects. Two more jabs, two leg kicks. Buentello has not thrown a punch yet. More than two minutes in. Leg kick from Konrad. The crowd boos at the slow pace from Buentello. Leg kick from Konrad. Double jab from Buentello doesn’t come close. Konrad with a leg kick and punch. Buentello counters. Konrad looking good on his feet. Uppercut from Buentello scores. Big leg kick from Konrad on the end of a punch combo. Punch, leg kick. The whole crowd boos at Buentello’s inactivity. 10-9 Konrad.

Round 2 – Buentello comes out fast throws the first couple punches. Leg kick Konrad. Buentello staying on the outside, dancing around the big man. Obviously trying to let Konrad get tired. Double jab from Buentello. Leg kick jab from Konrad. Jab from Buentello, again. Leg kick from Konrad. Right hand from Konrad, leg kick. Leg kick from Konrad. Konrad with a body kick, blocked. Overhand right from Buentello and Konrad shoots, stuffed. Leg kick from Konrad. Outside leg kick from Konrad. Buentello misses a big uppercut, lands a jab. One two from Konrad, leg kick. Konrad comes in but Buentello lands a counter combo. Konrad 10-9.

Round 3 – Leg kick from Konrad. Front kick. Leg kick. Buentello with a jab. Konrad with a leg kick. Buentello comes in swinging looking for the big one but ends up on the ground and Konrad pounces, takes Buentello’s back. Buentello gets out of the choke but Konrad is on his back, pushes Buentello onto his back. (The commentator — I think it was Jimmy Smith — made the statement that Mo Lawal never won a national title. He’s wrong about that. Lawal helped Buentello train for this fight.) Ref stands them up as Konrad was on top using ground and pound. Nice left hand from Buentello lands on the button. Konrad has a nice mouse under his eye. He lands an uppercut. Buentello comes in with a big uppercut but hits the body. Konrad presses him to the cage, lands a knee. Konrad 10-9, 30-27 as I see it.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Cole Konrad def. Paul Buentello by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27) Rd 3 (5:00)

(145) Pat Curran vs. Marlon Sandro

Round 1 – We’ve got $100,000 on the line here folks and a shot at the champ. Who will take it? Curran ducks a big overhand right. Curran lands a right. Leg kick from Sandro. Push kick from Curran brushed aside. Jumping knee from Curran, eats a nice right. Big leg kick from Sandro. Push kick from Curran lands low. Curran lands on the chin but Sandro lands a left hook counter, leg kick. Leg kick from Curran. Push kick. Big leg kick from Sandro. Body kick from Curran, leg kick. Sandro with a leg kick, misses a spinning back kick. Uppercut from Sandro, lands a leg kick. Curran gives him one back. Big leg kick from Sandro. Spinning back kick to the gut from Sandro. Sandro blocks two body kicks, counters with a leg kick. Front kick from Curran, stuffs a takedown. 10-9 Sandro.

Round 2 – I love this referee. They exchange leg kicks. The ref has the best voice. Leg kick from Curran. Overhand right from Curran knocks the sweat off the back of Sandro’s head. Nice right and uppercut from Sandro. Overhand right, uppercut from Sandro. Curran cut over his left eye. Curran ties him up, puts Sandro’s back to the cage. Sandro backs out and squares up. Dodges a hook. Ducks another one. Lands a right in the middle of a three punch combo. Leg kick from Sandro. Head kick from Curran, Sandro walks through it. Body kick from Curran. Left hook to the body from Sandro. One minute to go. Curran throws a punch combo, gets Sandro ducking to the left and catches him with a big kick to the head and Sandro goes out, Curran follows up with a couple unnecessary shots before McGruff pulls him off. Highlight reel knockout. Beautiful.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Pat Curran def. Marlon Sandro by knockout (head kick) Rd 2 (4:00)

Pat Curran won the Bellator lightweight tournament in 2010 for $100K. Now he wins the Bellator featherweight tournament in 2011 for $100K. Wow!

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