The Project Files: So Fresh and so Clean

Tachi Palace Entertainment Coordinator Jeremy Luchau with the Tachi Palace Fights girls

“So fresh and so clean”

By: Jeremy Luchau

You know what sucks?

When you come home from a hard day’s work and all you’ve been thinking about all day is relaxing and then it hits you when you walk through the door that your house is messy and you got some work to do.

I have four kids, so this has happened to me on numerous occasions.

But what I’ve been able to change over the last couple years in working at Tachi Palace Fights, is the feeling of going to work and everything being so fresh and clean and in its place.

I think if you talk to the team at Tachi Palace Fights, specifically Richard Goodman, he would say that I’m an absolute neat freak when it comes to paper work. I think during the eight-week span prior to a fight, I probably “bug” managers about paperwork, medicals, media interviews, etc. more than they call or text me.

Yeah, I often get that “Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice messaging system” message.

Bottom line is, I like things on time and in order for both the management at Tachi and the California State Athletic Commission.

How many times have you been to fights, excited to see two guys square off and come to find out a guy didn’t pass medicals? It happens often and often times not passing medicals is not turning the proper paperwork in on time or getting the wrong tests done.

To avoid this problem what we’ve done at Tachi Palace Fights is implement an itinerary for fighters from the moment they sign their bout agreements, which gives them specific times and dates to turn in certain forms, medicals, tickets, etc.

These itineraries must be signed by the fighter and returned upon completion of their bout agreements.

I often get the whole, “CSAC doesn’t require the tests to be done until 24 hours before weigh-ins” or “let me turn my tickets in at weigh-ins, and I can sell more by then”.

But the bottom line is this, by moving the deadline on medicals and other crucial information (tickets, flight info, etc.) further back you allow yourself some margin of error or the time available to fix mistakes that you might not be able to do 24 hours prior to weigh-ins or even at the weigh-ins.

I know from experience that it’s a pain in the ass to have to get medicals done, provide a bio sheet, a high resolution photo, corner information, flight information, sell tickets, etc.

But at the end of the day, it’s really part of the fighters’ job.

Oh, I love this part… “My job is to train and fight. You can’t expect me to have things done when you want them done or sell tickets.”

Well guess what? I know someone who can do all that. So, you do not have to fight here if you cannot fill out forms on time, show up to weigh-ins on time or sell a handful of tickets.

If you as a fighter just want to train and fight, you better have someone in your camp (LIKE A MANAGER) that’s ready to make sure you’re doing all the rest on time and correctly.

There’s something special to be offered by these larger “regional” stature shows like Tachi Palace Fights, Titan, MFC, etc. and it’s not just MONEY… its called opportunities.

Opportunities are what get you to the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Sure, you’re fighting to make money, but don’t be so narrow minded not to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Your goal should be bigger paydays in the future, not always the present.

There are few promotions in the world today that can help get fighters to the next level, which can give them the type of fights that are going to show Joe Silva, Dana White and company that you’re ready for the next step.

And if you think we are strict, just wait ‘til you get to the big show.

It’s our job to prepare you for what’s to come and being a good employee is part of that package. Being able to show up on time for meetings and media interviews will be part of the job requirements, as well as getting medicals done by certain dates that may not always coincide with your schedule.

Try and keep in mind that to be a real mixed martial artist, is not just about training. It’s not always just about the fight. Sometimes it might just be about your character and work ethic outside of the sport.

If you’re not ready to tell Dana White or Joe Silva that you’ll turn paperwork in when you feel like it. Or you’ll get meds done when you’re ready, then don’t tell me that. Don’t tell Joe Kelly at Titan or anyone that’s trying to help you get to the big show.

Your future opportunities might just hinge on turning in some paperwork on time.

By the way, Tachi Palace Fights 10 fighters… meds are due July 29.


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