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This week of training has been very good, I was able to still get in a few cardio sessions at Shape Fitness, but the blunt of my training was done this week at American Top Team OKC.

I was looking for local gyms in the area to get a little bit of mat time, come to find out an old friend that I knew from North Carolina moved back here to Oklahoma City, so I was able to get in contact with Jerrod Sanders who directed me to ATT OKC.

I was very excited to work with Jerrod Sanders for the simple fact this i a guy that wrestled for OU Sooners. I can say Jerrod helped me out a lot, almost forgot how some world class division one wrestlers can take a person down at will.

While I was at ATT OKC I was able to meet the main instructor Giulliano Massaras Gallupi the school black belt, I can say I was very impressed with the school and the structure, and will be back to train when I am in Oklahoma City.

While training at ATT I can say my son was on the best behavior helping everyone with the door to get into the cage, not to mention my son helped with mopping the floor to help keep the gym clean after the work out.

On the grappling day at ATT OKC, I was able to get some mat time in with Mark Holata, a heavyweight fighter for Bellator. Look for this guy to make more waves; super helpful, super nice guy.

One thing that I got out of this week of training was the old times of my son coming to watch me train in North Carolina. I can give it to my son Cayden, he was trying his best to make sure I would eat right and I would drink right. I had a family member offer me soda and Cayden came out and said, “Daddy, fighters do not drink soda.”

I am finishing up packing as I write this week’s blog, but all this training and traveling is kind of making me miss my other number one supporters out in California. They were beside me throughout the thick and thin but seems like the 135 test weight cut put a lot of stress on everyone, and we have went our separate ways.

I know I am not one to hold a grudge and cannot say I am to blame, but I can say I’m not perfect and mess up at times, but one thing is for sure I train and I fight for my family and friends.

The ride back to North Carolina is gonna be a little sad. This is gonna be the trip I drop my son off and head out to train again.

I was able to sit down with my Dad, and have a talk about what are my goals in MMA and what I need to get to achieve my goals. From my Father’s point of view, I need to get back out as soon as possible with my stand up coaches and team at ALL IN MMA and stop stressing situations in my life, because even he can tell when I worry I tend to eat like a mad man, and my weight has been getting on the heavy side.

I can say family and close friend support help me get through these lonely days at times.  This is a picture of my son. He wanted some of the protein, I guess he thinks it is his juice. He liked it.

Cayden sippin on my protein drink.

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  1. Hey i really like ur blog u have a good little helper there ;) yeah times get lonly just stay firm u can do it ull be at the top in no time.

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