Former XFC featherweight champion Jarrod "The Wild Card" Card (12-5-1) is the author of's weekly "The Wild Card Blog"

This week of training has been a little crazy, I was able to get in a little sparring at Combat Club in Jacksonville, N.C., and it seems like my training at All in MMA in Buena Park helped out.

I felt more fluid with my stand up, was good to throw the hands. I even took the time to hit up Jerry Moreno’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in New Bern, N.C, and Wright’s MMA in Jacksonville, N.C.

Since getting back to North Carolina my training has slowed down a bit.

Since I had some free time on my hands I took the time to take a vacation with my son [Cayden] out to Oklahoma City to get away and kind of clear my thoughts, regroup and  concentrate on what is next for my fight career.

Since I have been out here In Oklahoma, I have been able to hit up Shape Fitness to get some grappling in.

It feels pretty good to show off my grappling skills and the guys are very eager to learn some of my set ups.

I have been getting in some good rolling time at Shape Fitness, but still in the back of my head feel like I should be doing three-a-day workouts that I was doing at All in MMA.

I took the time to get in touch with Master Cha at All in MMA to try setting up a time to get back to Buena Park to get back to training.

This week has been very MMA heavy with the UFC doing a show in Pittsburgh — and all I can say about that event was that it exciting!

But the biggest fight I was looking forward to was my training partner and fellow North Carolina native Derek Brunson who had his debut fight in Strikeforce, winning all three rounds 30-27.

But driving from North Carolina to Oklahoma on that Friday I had to keep checking the updates with my phone tuning into Pro MMA Now ( for the live updates of the event — good job Derek, soon it will be my turn.

This next week I will be heading back to North Carolina to pick up the rest of my stuff and head on back to Oklahoma.

Once I get settled in there in Oklahoma City, I am going to get ready to hit up Greg Jackson‘s on my way to All in MMA. I am gonna hit training hard these next few months.

One thing that I need to do is hook up with a supplement sponsor, with over 19 pro fights and a record of 13-5-1, I would think someone would be willing to bring something to the table.

And with me making the cut to 135, I think I might just catch the attention of the UFC really soon — cross your fingers. (Hey Joe Silva & Sean Shelby!)  But then again, this week and next week is all about me and my number one supporter, Cayden.

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Jarrod Card with his son and "number one supporter" Cayden

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