Brian Imes is "The Human Cockfighter"

In fighting, more genuinely than in any other human exchange, do the people pick the winners and losers.

That is what has been lost in our modern societies. Business and love need to be left up to the people.

Last week the Governor of New York signed a law expanding marriage rights to all people.

Now, despite societies perceptions, can all people do business with their hearts on their own terms. Now that is social justice.

No need for regulations or exemptions on love anymore.

Now if we could just erase the perception of marriage and redefine the perception of family.

Wouldn’t that be a strengthening of faith?

One of my students fought last weekend at Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas.

This former Purdue soccer player used his only confident tool to quickly dispatch of another green fighter. He looked the part and executed a game plan excellently. Man I was proud of Andrew Fleming, and his stone hands.

That has been my life in the fight game for the past several months. After acting like a politician for six months I realized that I was out of the fight. I like to be right in the middle of it, so to speak.

I am confrontational, abrasive and aggressive…or at least I used to be. Something happened along the way. I think I started liking the smell of my own [expletive], so to speak.

Well enough about that. Back to the fight we go. Hell, I ain’t got nothin’ else to lose. Plus there’s at least a handful of people that think Hillbilly Fight Wear is the [expletive].

I figure if everyone minded their own business as well as crazy people do, we would all be better off. A high level of self-awareness and integrity are necessities in love or business. Drama and dishonesty follow behind a lack thereof.

Let the people go back to work and have faith in them to do the job well. I’m a lil’ punchy, but I’m no dummy. Now that’s a political statement.

A nice man from spoke to me in the locker room before Andrew’s fight. He said he “liked my blog, but didn’t like all the Republican stuff”. I don’t like their stuff either, Dave, and that’s why I’ve never claimed to be a part of the group.

Ya see, I, like most fighters, live outside of the box. It takes a certain level of crazy to do what we enjoy doing. That’s our union, so to speak.

I would love to finish that conversation with Dave sometime. I am hoping to train a couple times a week in Kearney where Dave trains.

Submission MMA is about 35 minutes north of downtown off I-35. Until then I will be at Premier in Riverside training my knuckleheads. Damn they are good people, even Adam. We’re only Hillbilly at heart.

Thump A Stranger!

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