“Little” Patricia Vidonic’s Road to the Championship Blog: Fight Night

"Little" Patricia Vidonic (center) gets her hand raised and is about to have the Beatdown MMA 110-pound women's championship belt put around her waist after submitting Lacey Schuckman June 24 in Denver. Photo credi: FightFan.net

I have had a really great time documenting the road to my pro championship. Thank you all for following. In the early eve on June 25th, Lacey Schuckman and I were the main event, battling to be the 110 pound pro women’s Beatdown MMA Champion.

I want to let you know, I am Beatdown MMA’s 110 pound Beatdown Queen (so says the belt). I won via rear-naked choke submission in the third round.

On June 24th, the day of weigh-ins, around noon, we met up with Tori Adams from Rough House MMA at a local athletic club in Colorado Springs. This is where I cut the rest of my water weight, I hit 110.0 pounds and we hit the road.

By the time we got to Denver, I weighted in at 108.4 and Lacey was 110.2 (we had a 0.8 allowance). A little later on, when we arrived at the hotel, I could feel my legs rehydrating when I was walking into the Marriott.

Our room had a full kitchen, so I decided to make a hearty meal; whole wheat spiral pasta with alfredo sauce, rosemary and garlic chicken, whole wheat garlic bread and spinach caesar salad.

My girls, Ashley and Lindsay (sisters) who I grew up with back in Oregon now live here in Denver. We had them come over to the room, chill and have dinner with us.

Fight morning I woke up early, ate breakfast and after I did my hair, I took a nap. We had to be at the venue by 12:30 p.m., the fights started at 2 p.m..

I had a good friend, Angela Hayes (who trains at Rough House MMA),  in my corner with my awesome coach and husband Jason.

I got nice and warm in the locker room, pumped up from my walkout song, and I was focused and ready to do work!

I felt like I took charge both on our feet and worked at my pace on the ground. I pressured with jabs and some kicks to control the stand up and get her into the fence.

After watching the fight and analyzing our performances, we looked great! I think our skill levels really complimented each other. I am proud of how I preformed; as well as noticing some holes in my game that I will tighten up.

This new weight drop was a very beneficial experience, now I am able to float between weights where I will have more opportunities for a variety of opponents. I am looking to fight again soon

You can continue to follow my career on my Facebook Fan Page. I am always looking for sponsors, who I will endorse in a professional manner. If you are interested please contact me via: TeamVidonic@live.com.

I want to thank Jack Bratcher, and ProMMANow.com for the chance to share with everyone some of what it took for me to become a professional champion.

Also, thanks to my sponsors ~ Fight SoapFailures No OptionDamage Control MouthguardsThe Next Great Fighter ~ Kingdom Connection MinistriesCogburn West Performance Horses.

I would also like to thank Rough House MMA & Fitness in Colorado Springs, Colo,. for allowing us to come in. Check them out, they ROCK!!

Thanks to my coach, Jason and my corner Angi Hayes. Thanks to my weight coaches/mentors Tori Adams and Keith Wilson, along with all the others who took time to work with me here. I am truly grateful.

Hope you all enjoyed the pineapple upside down cake and white chocolate, oatmeal and craisin cookies I made for you too!!!

XOXOXO Little Patricia Vidonic =)

Check out the video and photos from the fight below. All photos courtesy of FightFan.net.

Little Patricia vs Lacey Schuckman ROUND 1

Little Patricia vs Lacey Schuckman ROUND 2

Little Patricia vs Lacey Schuckman ROUND 3

“Little” Patricia Vidonic’s “Road to the Championship Blog” is part of ProMMAnow.com’s ongoing series of blogs from professional MMA fighters who are giving readers a look at what it takes to live, train and compete as a professional athlete. It has been an honor to have Patricia share her “Road to the Championship” with our readers and we congratulate her on becoming the Beatdown MMA women’s 110-pound champion!

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